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~†† Seventh Division Barracks ††~


My name is Yuuji Sakamoto,captain of the Seventh Division.We are also known as the Shinigami Representatives.That is correct,we represent the whole of Gotei 13.So you should know not to disgrace yourself while on Missions!We are also the voices of Gotei 13,a word from us can cause a war.So don't go around bragging about this and don't go around starting fights!If you do follow this simple rules and don't upset me in any way,I am an especially kind and fun leader.Now,we still need to seperate times for different things,there are times where we should have fun,and there are times where we need to be serious and train hard.You don't want us to be called Weakest Division do you?No you don't, so know your limits and train hard,as well as play hard.

Captain: Yuuji Sakamoto
Vice Captain:
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