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Okay scan line around the text is very simple && easy to remember
okay well lets get started!
here are the things you will need

You'll need scan lines of course![Note: later i'll show you how change the color of them]

You need to make you Text/Graphic Fully!
Now after you have made your text,
you have to merge the TEXT layers together, your going to RIGHT Click on the first Text Layer>> Merge down
After that you want to Open the Scanlines as a layer!.
once you have done those steps, click on the Text Layer, go to Layer>>Transparency >>Alpha to Selection
then go to Select>>Grow make it about 3-8 and click Okay then go to Select>> Invert Click on the SCAN LINE layer and press delete on your Keyboard and TADA! your done!

Now to change the Color!Make a new Layer that is the color you want you NOW Click on the Scan line Layer have to go to Layer>>Alpha to Selection
click on the Color Layer and
click delete on your Keyboard
then delete the Old scanline Layer ( the black one)

if you want a Gradient one, you just have to click on the Blend tool with your Color(s) you want, its the same thing only you make a Transparency Layer instead of a color layer. if you don't get it then look below!
Layer>> Alpha to selection
THEN drag down on the Blend tool click CTRL on your keyboard to get an even coat of Gradient on your scanlines

and thats it this is what mine looks like

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Requested by: Kurikaya

Really, all it needs is time. There's nothing much to it, but the end result is rather pretty.
All you need is a font, any font you'd like, but it looks best with a fat font like mine.

1. Ok, first make a new document, of course. But make it bigger than what you think it would need [mine is about 379 in width and 207 in height but the starting size was 400 in width and 450 in height].

2. Start a new text, you can make the color any color, but I like it white or black, the colors that have all the colors in them, so none of them is dominating.

3. Type anything in it, and make sure it fits right, leave space at edges for the 'glow'.

4. UNTYPE all the letters except the first one. Then, keep creating texts but in DIFFERENT LAYERS. [it doesn't really matter where you put the letters, but it's more organized if you put it in the right place beforehand.]

5. Use the moving tool and move all the letters in the correct place, unless done already. TIP TO SAVE TIME: Just use the MOVING tool, don't move the letter by using the text tool [A].

6. Time for coloring! >< Go to FILTERS>LIGHT AND SHADOW>DROP SHADOW. Set both OFFSETS to 0. The blur radius can be anything, the bigger the number, the larger the glow [Be careful, if you didn't make the document big enough, the 'glow' can get cut and look bad]. DON'T allow resizing, unless you're not sure if you made it big enough, then you should allow it just in case. Hit 'OK'

7. If you want your 'glow' to be more vivid, duplicate the layer using the icon at the bottom of the 'Layers' Dialogue that looks like two pictures together.

8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 with all the letters [don't forget to click on the new layer, or else the 'glow' will be on the same letter. ><]. If you accidentally forgot a letter [like I always do], just create a new text and keep going.

9. Crop your image to make it smaller, don't chop off the 'glow'.

10. Save as .png

Phew, the more letters, the more annoying doing all that gets. XD My ending result is this tutorial's title. ><
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Requested By Fairelle

1.First open up your picture/Avii.
(If you want to open an avii make sure thet you save it.)

2.Click Select

3.Hit 'Rounded Rectangles'

4.Then , it will pop up this window .

5.Hit 'ok'

6.Then , you'll find that there is something outlining the avii . Don't do anything to it .

7.Then , Click select again and click 'Invert'

8.Lastly , Press Delete on your keyboard .

9.Don't forget to save it.


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Okay today i will be teaching you how to put glow around people,and many other objects okay well let us begin!
sorry i don't have any pictures to give you an example

1.) your going to click on your person go to layer>>transparency>>Alpha to selection
2.) Make a new Layer i prefer White
3.)Go to select >>Invert and press delete on your Keyboard
4.) go to Filters >>Alpha to logo>> Neon.
5.) now set your neon to what you'd like, color,size anything else and press okay (: i put mine as 11-13
and tada your done ^^
i hope this helped (:
have any questions please PM me O.O or go to the Principals office

Ne-chii's Way

My way is a little easier but it doesn't have the same effect, it's really simple for a quick little glow.

1. Open up a rendered picture.
2. Go to Filters>Light and Shadow>Drop Shadow
3. Put both the Offset X and Offset Y to 0, blur radius can be anything, the larger the # the bigger the glow. Change color to WHITE unless you want the glow to be different color. Opacity= 100 DON'T allow resizing, it usually messes up your whole graphic by making it bigger and then you'll have to crop it and, ugh. >< OK.

There, a simple and nice glow. ^^
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Okay another Neko-yuki Suckish tutorial XD but anyways lets go get this over with!

> You want to make your GFX all the way & merge the layers

>After you merge the layers together, go to colors then curves and mess with the curves until your satisfied

>Alright here is the tricky part! go BACK to colors and go to components and then "Channel Mixer". set the Red Green & Blue to the settings below (: then click Okay and be on your marry way because that's it (:

and here is my ending result

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