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Posted 12/30/10 , edited 12/30/10
hi crunchyroll.
i'm hoping i can get help from any of you who are widely knowledgable in the game Final Fantasy VII for the PS1.
it's about Aeris's final limit break, great gospel. i got the mythril from the sleeping old man, but everytime i go to the weapon sellers house (east of gongaga), he's NOT there. and i need him to get Aeris's final limit break. can someone please tell me what's wrong? what do i need to do first for him to be there?

i am on disk one btw. >.>
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Posted 12/30/10 , edited 12/31/10
You have to get to the town where you get Cid, and take his Tiny Bronco as a boat. That's when the weapon seller guy will pop up. Just becareful not to go to the Gold Saucer or else you will not be able to get Aeris back.

I will instruct you step by step.

1. Go to Rocket Town

2. Go look for the captain, Cid.

3. Go to Cid's house to listen to flashback.

4. Rufus, president of Shinra, will come to claim Tiny Bronco because he went the wrong way to find Sephiroth.

5. Battle his henchmen (I forgot his name but he is fat, short, and use a mako gun as a weapon) and defeat him to ride the Tiny Bronco.

6. Use the Tiny Bronco to get to the house with the weapon seller.

7. He will say Duo, the owner of Gold Saucer, have bought the keystone already.

8. This is where you give him the mythril to get Aeris final limit break.

Warning: If you proceed to Gold Saucer, you won't be able to have Aeris again because she will die later on into the plot.

Hope this help.
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