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Posted 12/31/10 , edited 12/31/10
Good day to everyone! How are everyone doing? It has almost been 3 years since this group was created. We had been active until July 2009, or a few months before. That is when CR introduced the STAR membership. I'm not blaming CR but as many of you wouldn't want to waste many buying the STAR membership, even I would not want to purchase.
With the introduction of the STAR membership, our number of active members decreased gradually, causing it to be quiet day after day. Nevertheless, I would like to bring the Message of this year(2011) to everyone.

On July 19 2008, I, Bootes created this group for bringing friends together to have fun, chatting, playing forums games and participating in official events hosted by the moderators & myself such as the Avatar Contest. In the two years that had passed, our group had its up and down. We went through obstacles. We had many events & games. Suggestions made by our members, as well as a membership card made by Mods. We had lots of fun.

A quick visit made by me in each month in 2010, it was a complete silence. This brought the group to be inactive. Many would had believed that the group is a not-so-fun group, no liveliness and decided NOT to join. Well, it is not surprising.
From the year 2011, I would like to hope that members, everyone here, would be able to bring back the activeness, liveliness and the happiness that happened in 2008 - 2009. With hope & confidence in one, you will be able to bring it back! Together, we can make it fun again. Hereby, I would like to wish everyone a happy new year and always hoping you to be alright! Thank you!

Best wishes,
(Creator of Snowfiakes)
January 1, 2011.
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