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Posted 12/31/10 , edited 1/1/11
You might want to open this in full page so that you can see the pictures fully

Types of images:
.xcf -used to save the layers to edit later
.jpg -regular img save (does not handle transparency)
.gbr -gimp brush
.pat -gimp pattern
.png -use for renders (transparent backgrounds)

No tool options?
Go to Windows; Dockable Dialogs; Tool Options
Your tool options should appear

Click here for a website to download fonts
Mini tutorial on how to put the fonts in gimp
Step 1:
Go to the link above and browse the fonts.
After you choose one, you click the download button.
This is the one I'm using.

Step 2:
It downloads as a .zip file so you'd hafta extract it. (don't worry, I'll explain )

After you find the file (mine was in downloads but I moved it)
Select the file, then right-click on it, and click "Extract All..."

Step 3:
This is just the extraction window.
If you want to change the destination, then you can browse.

Step 4:
Double click on the unzipped file and copy or cut (Tip: I keep the files and copy the text in case I lose any of my files)
This is the item you should copy/cut x:

Step 5:
find your .gimp2.6 folder
It should look like this:

Open it then select the fonts folder

After opening the fonts folder, just paste your new font into the folder and it should be in gimp

If you have any questions/problems, quote this post or PM me
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