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Help Request
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19 / On a new account...
Posted 7/3/11 , edited 7/3/11
I have an easier way of downloading the fonts from dafont

1) Press Download
2) Press open
3) If something asking you if you wanna make changes to pc and blah blah press allow
4) A file will pop up
5) Press the file that says truetypefontfile with the name of the font you picked
6) Press install at the top
7) then your done [:
if it dosent come up in gimp that means you have to close gimp then open it again then it will show up.

Hope this helps~!
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Englands pants
Posted 4/30/12 , edited 5/1/12
Can u give the pictures of some glowing spirals that warp around someone. And glowing heart and flower they kind look like this> <<
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