straw berries and cream
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Posted 1/2/11 , edited 1/3/11
strawberries and cream
by ~Amberpaw(not by me)

"Su, are you ready?"
"Yes, desu~!"
"Character Change!"

Hinamori Amu swirled about the kitchen, ingredients flying, whisk in hand, pink pigtails bouncing with each movement. The girl giggled and twirled as she went about the room, dancing on her toes as if a ballerina. To be honest, this wasn't Amu at all- this was Su, her cooking Guardian Character. She felt the clover's concentration bubbling from her heart's egg. The Guardian shifted her gaze to see her chest; the Humpty Lock hanging from her necklace was glimmering brightly. Amu sighed from within her mind and resumed watching as Su made her work without break.
Suddenly, her athletic Chara, Ran, came flying into view. "Amu-chan! He's going to love this!" She squealed, "Go, go, Amu-chan! Go, go!" Ran cheered.
Before Amu could reply, Miki, her artistic one, gently floated to Ran's side. She was drawing furiously on her sketchpad, her itty-bitty fingers clutching her pencil with great power. "I'm drawing the finished product," Miki explained.
"That looks yummy!" Ran squeaked, peeking over Miki's shoulder.
Amu blushed and tried to ignore their chatting, but instead she heard Su's voice echoing in her head. We're almost finished, Amu-chan~ I really hope you have a great Valentine's Day tomorrow! The Guardian felt her face get warmer.
"Yeah," She whispered softly, smiling.

"Ahh! I can't do this! This is going to be way too embarrassing!" Amu screamed, staring up at the night sky. Behind her, the glass sliding door leading to her room was wide open, most likely from the way she had practically flung herself outside sometime before. Now she stood on her balcony, nearly midnight, resting her head on the railing. Tomorrow's possible events made her insecure side cry in agony
"Amu-chan, shouldn't you be sleeping?" Ran asked drowsily, flying to her Bearer's side.
Amu turned to see her Chara, expecting Miki and Su to come tagging along. When she heard nothing, she realized only Ran had awaken and come to see her. "Yeah but… I keep thinking… what happens if- if he doesn't want my gift? And won't he have a ton of girls handing him stuff anyway?!" She released a loud groan.
There was silence.
The girl tilted her head to see that Ran had fallen asleep on her shoulder. Exasperated, she gently picked the Chara up and walked to her basket of eggs. Opening the one with a heart on it, she placed the little athletic inside. However, instead of returning to bed, she picked up a bowl and walked outside- closing the door behind her.
"At least I'm alone now," Amu grumbled. She took off the wrapping and stared into the contents of the bowl. A delicious, fruity scent wafted up and, glancing behind her, Amu gently placed her finger into it. When she lifted it out, her index was surrounded by a soft, white cloud. She licked her finger, enjoying the taste.
Oh wait! What am I doing?
"Is that for me?" A voice asked.
Amu jumped, the bowl nearly falling out of her arms. She located where the noise was heard, her heart thumping. Then the girl stared, wide-eyed, at a certain blue-haired boy… who was grinning. Grinning. "Ikuto, what are you doing here?" The Guardian asked once her heart began to placate. He always seemed to pop out at the most awkward of moments! She blushed realizing she was in her nightgown, too.
"I just heard someone screaming and I came to check it out," He replied, sitting on the railing, watching her with probing violet eyes. Amu began to shake a little, glancing down at her bowl rather hesitantly. What do I do now? She wailed inside.
Ikuto seemed to notice something was up – as he always happened to- and he silently came off of the rail and began to walk toward her. His navy hoodie and black jeans came out to be just greys in the moonlight. He swiftly swiped the bowl out of her arms, ignoring her cry of anger, and looked inside.
Whole strawberries… and cream.
"Where's the chocolate, Amu? You know that's my favorite, don't you?" The neko crooned, taking a bit of whipped cream into his mouth. It was cool and light. Amu could do nothing but watch, mesmerized, as he sensually placed the fluffy topping onto his tongue. There he was, leaning against the side of her balcony in the white light of the moon, eating her treat for…
Amu's face suddenly turned red. "That's for Tadase-kun!"
He stopped, looking up, a little shocked. At once a smirk smoothly flooded over his expression and he leaned closer to her young, flushed face. "Tadase-kun, Amu?"
She felt her blood turn up the heat- this time not from anger.
"Y-yeah," Amu stammered, embarrassed.
Ikuto chuckled to himself, it seemed, as he took another lick of whip-cream. Amu was furious now, what could she do to stop him? She watched Ikuto slowly take each bit of cream into his mouth when suddenly… she got a brilliant idea. I can beat him at his own game! She told herself, pushing all her anxiety into the pit of her mind. Her plan formed just as a stray spot of cream slid down the neko's hand. Amu swooped forward.
She stuck out her tongue and quickly swiveled it away.
Ikuto was frozen.
"Well, Ikuto-kun," Amu began sweetly, "You know how Su's all about keeping clean, right? She might go haywire if she sees a mess. She's my Guardian Character, so a part of her is inside of me, of course."
He recovered- and rather quickly at that. He plunged his fingers into the bowl and, "accidently" touched her arm. Amu lifted it, seeing a trail of cream on her wrist and up. Ikuto gently grabbed her limb, "Amu, it seems there's a problem here," He whispered before slowly licking it off. It tickled. He's good… but I can do better!
Amu picked up a strawberry and left a streak of cream on Ikuto's neck, before dropping the fruit back into the bowl. "Ikuto-kun, Su won't like this," Amu said before leaning and nosing her way between his head and hoodie. As she did, she saw that a smirk was plastered to his face. As slowly as the girl could manage, she drew her tongue over his warm flesh. Then she spoke into his skin, "There, that's all better now."
She stood back, her expression smug.
Ikuto probably knew he was being beaten by a middle-schooler, for he gently dabbed cream onto her cheek, ear, and jaw. "This won't do," He commented, arching his back to get a good position. Amu felt something flutter in the stomach- butterflies? No! Her face flared bright pink, almost enough to compete with her hair. Then she felt something wet and warm brush across her fair skin. Instinctively, Amu tipped her head to the side to give him better access to what he was doing… but then immediately felt her body go extremely hot again. With a hard nudge, she pushed away all her insecurities and focused on what Ikuto was making her feel.
As he lapped at her jaw, her lips parted and she released a soft pant.
She felt him smile against her cheek. I can't be beat! I started this! Her thoughts shattered as he nipped her ear in the exact spot he had down so long ago. Amu wiggled against him, her golden eyes round in surprise. "Ikuto… kun," She moaned quietly, hardly able to keep up the façade any longer. This was killing her!
Then he finished and stood back, grinning again.
The Guardian, irritated with that fact he was winning, grabbed a strawberry and took a bite to savor the delicious flavors. Then daintily began to paint Ikuto's collarbone and cheek. "Oh, Ikuto-kun, it look as if you need help," She stated before curling into him, resting her upper body against his as she hungrily took in all the fresh cream. Scoring her mind, she found an idea, and without thinking, she nibbled on his neck. She was satisfied to feel his muscles tense. Once finished there, Amu went on tiptoe to start on his right cheek. When she glanced down, however, she felt a gush of warmth shoot through her body. She could see her bite-mark.
"Naughty, Amu?" She heard him murmur as she licked at the cream.
She yanked her embarrassed counterpart aside and used an innocent one instead. "What? Of course not, Ikuto-kun, I'm just cleaning up a mess, is all," She replied, nuzzling into him. Then, at last, she twirled her tongue around the last bit of white.
Knowing that her turn was over, Amu fell back onto her feet, blinking up at him.
Ikuto leaned forward and put his face dangerously close to her own, she told herself to stay put. The girl was oh-so grateful that he couldn't see the way her legs were trembling… and she was oh-so grateful the neko could not hear her pounding heart. "Close your eyes," he instructed. Wary and curious, she obliged.
She heard the soft sound the whip made as a finger swirled in it. Amu prepared for the cold it was to make when it contacted skin but… there was nothing. Then, without warning, she felt something soft press against her mouth. Startled yet bidden to keep her eyes shut, she waited nervously as something was smeared across her lips. It's just cream, stupid! She told herself, her entire body felt warm. Her heart shuddered and she twitched. Once again, something came to her mouth.
"Amu," Ikuto whispered.
What's he doing?
Amu's eyes flung open only to see two eyes closed and a face drawing nearer. She stiffened when his lips gently met hers, and she realized for the first time that his lips had cream on them too. Had he kissed her twice? The first being when he placed cream on her mouth? Amu got lost in the feeling and soon found herself kissing him back, her lungs screaming for air. A few more seconds… She barely felt the way his tongue traced her lips… and she didn't notice that her arms were wrapped around his neck.
He broke the contact.
Together, they both panted, their bodies pressed up against each other. "I-Ikuto…" Amu breathed, her honey-colored eyes hazy with desire.
The neko looked down, smirking, before bringing his mouth to her ear. "Happy Valentine's Day, Amu. Thanks for the gift," He whispered huskily, before abruptly taking a step away and jumping onto the roof. He's gone…
"Y-you won," She announced to the night, her face flushed.
Somewhere in the darkness, she heard a chuckle.
Amu grabbed the bowl and stared down into it. All the cream was gone except for a small dab… all but two strawberries were there too. Her face went pink as she quietly opened the sliding door and left the balcony, returning to her room. The Guardian heard the light snores of her Charas as she set the bowl down and used an old shirt to wipe off anything excess- she wasn't surprised to see not a speck of cream was on her skin.
The girl exhaled deeply as she flopped down into bed, her heart still thumping. "G'night, Ikuto…" She mumbled as she closed her eyes. In her dreams, all she saw was his face, red, and white…
Oh, this would probably haunt her forever.

"Amu-chan! Why'd you eat all of Tadase-kun's gift?" Oh Ran.
"Yeah, desu~! I was going to give some to Kiseki!" Oh Su.
"… Yoru…" Oh Miki.
Amu walked down the street in her uniform, in her hand was a box with two strawberries and a spot of cream in the middle. Cream… Shaking the thoughts off, she spat back, "Guys! Shut up! I don't want you screaming at me when I give it to him!"
"Amu-chaaaaan~" Her Charas whined before falling silent at her death glare.
The sun was on it's way down, everyone was leaving school, and Tadase-kun was no where to be found! Just as she was loosing hope, she found him waiting by a post. She ran toward him, trying her best to block out anything to do with a blue-haired boy.
"Hello, Amu-chan," The Prince smiled warmly.
The girl blushed, handing him the box. "It's strawberries and crea---" She choked, her face going really red now. "Uh! Uh, yeah! I-hope-you-don't-like-strawberries-or-anything!" Amu exclaimed in a rush, thoughts of him continuously popping into her head. Oh no! Oh no! Smile! Act normal! From the corner of her eye, she saw her Charas giving her strange looks. That must be a sign to get out of there before questions were asked! "Er-!" She squeaked, face screwing up in denial.
Tadase-kun cocked his head and smiled again, "Thank you, Amu-chan. They look great, and they must taste great, too, seeing as they're coming from you."
"Y-your welcome," Amu stammered, her face feeling as if it was being pinched. "I… I guess I'll see you tomorrow, Tadase-kun…" The name was hard to spit out.
"Of course. I'll be looking forward to it," He said in his most princely tone.
Amu only managed a strangled looking nod. "See you!" She said, as she turned and quickly walked away.
"Desu~ what's wrong, Amu-chan?" Su asked, concerned.
"AHAHAH. Nothing's wrong! Does anyone here feel hot? Let's go home!" Amu fumbled, walking down the sidewalk with her head down. "I-I just think I'm sick, it'll be okay," She told them, trying her best to be honest. Well, I am sick in a way…
Amu had no idea that in the tree above, a cat slouched with a smirk on his face. "Amu-chan, you'll never forget," Ikuto whispered devilishly.
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