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Posted 1/2/11 , edited 1/3/11
Is there any chance that the progress bar in the web video player can be modified to show the status of how much of a stream is buffered? I think this will help people a lot in determining the root cause problem if they are having a problem viewing videos. If people know the stream is good and loading and they still have stutter they will know that the problem is most likely not the stream and can start digging into other possible problem sources.

Anybody with me on this one?

**would have posted to suggestions but that forum seems kind of dead lately,...**
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Posted 1/3/11 , edited 1/3/11
It is a good idea, but not for this case. Because there are so many people with this problem, it is unlikely that it can be fixed through changes modified by the PC. Even if it can be fixed by someone on their own PC, it is more efficient to just solve the problem for everyone through changes on the server or whatever they have in the back. It is also not a good idea to make modifications when you know it is not a permanent solution to the problem.

To keep it simple:

You are playing a game, and your game crashes every time you reach a certain part of the map. Would it be more reasonable to fix the map yourself, or get a patch and have it fixed for everyone? Sure, it would be great if you could fix it yourself, but if you're gonna spend time on this anyway, why not spend it on a permanent solution for everyone
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Posted 6/13/11 , edited 6/13/11
Sorry to resurrect this, but I agree with nkrypt partially, if not for the same reason. Having the progress bar reflect how much of the stream is buffered will allow you to know how fast it's loading. In that case I will immediately be aware that someone is torrenting or I can let it buffer for 5 minutes while I go make food, and then when I come back I can judge whether it's ready for viewing. It's one of those features that really wouldn't cost anything and would be beneficial to many. It's also a common feature that many people are used to in many tube sites.
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