Selling my Anime Collection
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Posted 1/3/11 , edited 1/4/11
Hi CR,

It is unfortunate that I am "forced" to sell my small collection of anime. They are all original and have only been watched ONCE. The DVD's are in perfect condition and so are the cases/art, some do have creases and little dents. These have all been adult owned and pretty well taken care of. I would love to keep them, unfortunately cashflow has been tight. I would like to sell them as a whole to someone that will appreciate them as I have. Without further a due..

Post or PM your offers

1. Scryed in limited edition box
- NOTE: DVD and all extra content are intact and sealed
2. Arch The Lad (Complete collection set) Single Case
3. Doomed Megalopolis (Complete collection set) Single Case
4. Saber Marionette J (Complete collection set) Single Case
5. 801 T.T.S AirBats (Complete collection set) Single Case
7. Vampire Hunter D (special edition)
8. Ah! My Goddess: The Movie (shinny case)
9. Final Fantasy Unlimited in Limited edition box(phase 1 and 7 only)
10. Final Fantasy Unlimited (Complete collection set) Individual slim cases
11. Wolf's Rain in Limited edition box (complete set ) Individual cases
12. Armitage: Dual Matrix in Limited edition Lunch Box 11444 / 15000
- NOTE: DVD and all extra content are intact and sealed
13. Record of Lodoss War (Complete collection) Individual case + box
14. Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the heroic knight (Complete collection) Individual case + box
15. Fushigi Yugi, The Mysterious Play: Eikoden Special Edition
16. Sakura Wars: The Movie Special edition
17. Bubble Gum Crisis (Complete collection) Individual case + box
18. Bubble Gum Crisis : Tokyo 2040 (complete collection) Single case

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Posted 1/3/11 , edited 1/4/11
How much are you looking to get?
Posted 1/3/11 , edited 1/4/11
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