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HQ pics
PG-13 pics only please
Please use big pics
Please upload at least 2 pics so the mods have a choice
Please pay before requesting

Payment Choices

Invite 2 active buddies
Upload 5 high quality, un-edited and big photos in the group's Payment Album
Spam 4 times in the spam forum and spam 4 times in the wall


Size: [ tall and thin, long and thin, 200x600 etc. ]
Design: [ Flowers, Beams, Circles etc. ]
Style: [ Girly, Guy-ish, Emo etc. ]
Did you pay?
How did you pay?
Screenshot of payment or link: [ Put it in a spoiler if needed ]
Photo(s): [ In Spoiler ]

To Mods Please put the requester's request in a spoiler and put Pending or Done of you're doing the request or if you're done it.
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Taken by Arisa-chii
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