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*Request only after your first one had been finished & use the aviis we make for at least 3 days, only request after you used the avatar for 3 days
* You must provide your own picture [We don't have time to go looking for one] or we will delete your request.
* If you want change, just state so but please use the re-make or changed avatar at the end.
* Be patient[please understand that mods/helpers also have a life. you can ask about your request when it is still pending for 5 days] and NO chatting
* Give high quality, big pics (it's better if the character is in whole body or most of it (big)
* Make sure the character in the image is also big. It doesn't matter how much the background takes up the image. All it matters is the character in the image.
* Please DO NOT give us images from DeviantArt because you most likely did not get permission for the image and users who drew it also probably did not want others to re-edit their work.
* No manga pictures (black/white) or inappropriate pictures(ecchi, hentai, yuri, yaoi, etc)
* DO NOT put your request in a spoiler. If you do it will most likely be skipped.
* Please DO NOT complain if requests after your post is done quicker than yours. That is because you didn't provide a picture good enough for any mods or helpers to make an avatar out of. If that happens you should edit your request and give another picture. But if it is 3 pages away from the current page you should tell on the group wall what page your request is located.
* DON'T post other requests here
* If we delete your request it's because was REJECTED/BROKEN the rule, so don't request that request again

1.Picture(Not too small, high quality, in spoiler):
2. Text:
3. Decorations:
4. Extras:


When you take a request please put a spoiler over the form and when you are pending or finished with a request, please put the words "Pending [or] Done by :: (your username)" or you can put your signature sign. Make sure the sign is not too big though [don't exceed the height of 140 px]

☆ When you finished the avatar, please upload it to Len and Rin Album

☆When you decide that the request does not abide the rules, DELETE the request instead of putting a SKIP over it. This is the keep the forums neat.

☆ Please KEEP track of who did not use your avatars. If they did not use it or use it for the required amount of days, you can delete those requests without notifying them. If you notice them doing that repeatedly, you get the permission to ban them from this group.
☆ IF the requester put your pending sign just delete their request. Don't give a notice beforehand because that shows that they did not even read the rules or notes, even if they give try to give you an excuse or reason.
☆If the requester you are pending the request is being impatient[meaning if they complain when it hasn't been 5 days yet], you have the right to not do their request anymore and delete their request without any notification.

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Right one! Good Job!
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