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Posted 1/4/11 , edited 1/6/11
Request a Profile


-Put the pictures in spoiler.
-You can request up to 2 profiles a day.
-*DON'T* rush the mods, they'll do it for you quickly if they're free.

Fill In This:
-User Name:
-Upload your membership card[not in spoiler]:
-Name of mod:
-Pictures [HQ only]:

Message to Mods:

-Quote the forum that you've finished to the requester.
-Please the requester by putting in all effort in doing the avii.
-Put you signature or //pending by victoria10
-Do the forum which is requested by your name first.

Message to requester:

Moderators available:


-Invite Buddies
-Upload 5 pictures
-Spam 3 times

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