Whats your most embarrassing moments in highschool?
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Im in Highschool right now, & many things happened to me <not all of them embarrassing>. And I realized that Bad things happen to Good People 0_0

Whats your most embarrassing moments in your school life <doesnt have to be highschool> ?
*moments when you go "GAAAHHHHH I DONT BELIEVE I DID THAT" and stay in your room to figure out how to skip school or something* LOL

*Note if this thread was already taken feel free to close it.
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Posted 1/4/11 , edited 1/5/11
Let's see....

- When I was younger one of my boobs was a little bigger than the other, so my freshman year I stuffed one side of my bra to make them even cause I was paranoid. Well, one day, my guy friend noticed me kind of "adjusting" in class, and he looked down my shirt and saw the padding. Pretty embarrassing.

- My junior year, I accidentally screwed up plucking my eyebrows, so I had to draw them in, although for some reason I decided to use black eyeliner and give myself these really scary looking brows. Kinda embarrassing now that I think back on it

- My senior year, I was talking to this guy (who used to constantly tease me) about donating blood. I said I couldn't donate, and he kept insisting it was cause I was hiding that I had hepatitis. I got annoyed, and I yelled out "Why would you think I have hepatitis!!???" and the whole class got quiet. Everyone thought I had an STD for a day.
Posted 1/4/11 , edited 1/5/11
"Slide" (The handgame thing) tournament. It was intense. Some dudes sweaty hands slipped off my hand and groped me. With his sweaty hands =.=

Disgusting and embarrassing....>.<

Dupey thread though D=
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