Academy City
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AC rp
Posted 1/5/11 , edited 1/5/11
Gate Guard: ID please.
Of course.*scans ID*
GG: Go in.
Thank you.*goes in*
~inside AC~
There you are Shana!
Hey Kanzaki.Take me to where he is.
They take a bus to district 11(random)and go to a construction site where a boy stands.
So you came huh?
I wouldnt chicken out on this.I can beat you today.
Really?I was planning on killing you today.*evil smile*
Not happening.I have someone to go back to.
Well,I better hurry and put you out of your misery then huh?*dissapears,reapears behind her,smacks her*
*falls*Ah!*touches face,sees blood*You've gotten stronger.
Noticed huh?Gonna give up?
Shana and the guy fight for hours...and Shana lost.
*kicks her in stomach*You lost.*walks away*
*knocked out*
Shana!This is worst than last time!*picks her up,takes her back to the villa*

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