Resident Evil Poll: Leon S. Kennedy or Chris Redfield? And Why?
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This is it! Who is better, Leon or Chris?
You choose!

Me? I think Leon is better...

Why? Because he's agile and his moves kick ass...

Base on experience, I think Chris owns it, cause he has been through more B.O.W.s than Leon.
However, I think Leon is more highly trained. He works directly for the president as a top agent to do anything he is asked to while Chris works for the military, B.O.W. disposal to be exact.

On hand-to-hand combat? This is rough. While Chris is highly buffed, Leon has great acrobat skill. I personally think L eon can win this too, since Leon can dodge Chris attacks and counter it.

I don't think Chris is better than Leon in close combat too. I mean why would Chris fight Wesker closely with a gun is he has a knife which will be more effective? Look at Sheva... She successfully landed a stab on Wesker with her knife. Didn't Leon already said this:"A bit of advice, try using knives next time. Works better for close encounters. On top of that, He's firing it with arms totally stretched while Wesker is super close to him. It's like saying "hey, grab my hand and toss me before a fire this gun".

Also, at lot of people are comparing them according to the people they defeat, Leon being Krauser and Chris being.. uh... Wesker? Seriously, since when did Chris beat Wesker? Resident evil 5? When? None... Chris never defeated Wesker. Judging from his performance against Wesker, he did poorly, even with Sheva. Oh yeah... I think people forgot Sheva is there. Chris didn't defeat Wesker. Chris+Sheva did. The truth is Chris alone is no match for Wesker. Sheva was a total help though.

Endurance? I say both. Chris is a buffed guy. Of course his endurance his great. He was tossed be Wesker several times and got up again. While Leon, his endurance might not have been much of shown in RE4... But on RE degeneration, he was tossed by Curtis and sent flying unto the other platform, yet he got up so easily and was even able to run through the whole very long obstacle platform in ONLY 12 SECONDS! I mean come on! A normal person should have died after being tossed like that! And next thing we saw, he is holding on the steel platform with his one hand. Holding to him is Angela and, guess who, the whole transformed monster Curtis! And get this, he was able to even shoot Curtis in the eye in such a situation! I takes a lot of endurance and guts to do that!

All in All, I choose Leon...

How about you guys? Who and Why?
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