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F / Chocoland :DD
Posted 2/6/11 , edited 2/6/11
♥ name && username ;; ChocolateRawrr Sheeshhhh You can tell under my beautiful avatar~ Alice if you forgot that you'll DIE. *get ready my choco-gun PIANG PIANG PIANG!!
♥ how active ? ;; weekends Onleh .__. blame tht dam sch :l i was released at 1 last time now its 3 .__. fml.
♥ been editing for how long ;; how could i posiibly rmb i think its em 1 yr, no wait, 2? GAHHH i cant rmb ; A ; congrats me for my wonderful brain :>
♥ are you confident that you will get accepted? ;; uh, lemme get my choco-gun
♥ your favorite graphics type ;; see how i am feeling tht day :DD if i feel good i'll make it nice, if im not, THATS IT :3
♥ samples;; i think you know .__. i'm lazy , IM A LAZEH BUMIE BUM BUM <3

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