Magnolia by Naked Ape
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Crown "Prince" Ayato is neither male or female, but at the age of 16 must choose a gender. Why does Ayato have a pair of "wings" on "his" back and what will "he" lose when "he" falls in love?
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Other little facts:
-- Naked Ape are the manga-ka's of Dolls and [switch]. Also just to point out -- This series here is NOT shounenai, okay? You don't have to worry... or if you were looking forward to that, sorry to disappoint you.
-- 6 chapters are out and the first volume should be coming out soon (it's not licensed).
-- It has a companion series titled: Lily. Also on the same blog site. Chapter one is out.

Now, I didn't want to bother with the series for two reason. One, it's gender bender and I'm not a huge fan of that genre. & two, it was by Naked Ape who are known for yaoi and shounenai manga's. I, myself, am not a fan of either of those genre's at ALL... so, yeah. Wasn't very interested in the story.
However, I was told that it wasn't yaoi or shounenai, and people said I should really read it. Since I was now sure it wasn't either of those genre's, I gave it a shot.
It was a great choice for me. *laughs* The series is very amusing and I like all the characters so far. Usually I dislike at least one character right off the bat, but that is not the case for me here. The "family" moments between Ayato and his.. well, family, are sweet and leave you going, "D'awww! *is feeling all warm inside*" Plus, I like how he has to choose what he wants to be (male or female). It is an interesting concept to me.
The art is lovely, but.. I will admit, that at times it's so in your face that it leaves you going, "Good golly..." Sui's eyes are big and his eyelashes are huge! Lily's hair is all over the place. But as someone pointed out to me, her hair is like feathers and that's kind of neat.
Anyway, the characters are great, the artwork is lovely, the concept is interesting, and it leaves you wanting more.

I recommend it!! Go read it and become fans so that someday it cane become licensed!!
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Drama CD is interesting (currently listening). And I like the little brother of the main character (CV: Kaji Yuki).
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