Internet Explorer Video playback problems
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Posted 1/8/11 , edited 1/8/11
I’ve been having this problem since November.

When I try to watch an anime video these messages keep popping up.


Internet Explorer has stopped working

Windows is checking for a solution to the problem
And then:

A problem has cause the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.


It cycles through this a couple of times until I finally get to a page that says:

Interent explorer has stoppd trying to restore the site as it continues to have problems. And then it gives me the options to either return to my home pagte or try to return to crunchyroll. If I return to crunchyroll; the page with the video I was trying to watch comes up again and I go through this entire process again.

The funny thing is, on Interent explorer if I cycle though those steps enough times (sometimes it feels like 20) the video will eventually work. If I’m lucky it’s works for a couple of episodes more before it starts happening again. Although mostly I have to go through this for every video.

When I try to watch it on Mozilla all it ever says is “THe Adobe Flash plug-in has crashed.

All other video streaming sites work. This only happens here.

I dunno what information you need from me. I’m not com / tech savvy so I’m going to need hand holding. Please help.


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Posted 1/9/11 , edited 1/9/11
Read the first post in the following thread for a solution to this issue:

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