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The City of Academics, Lufione

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"hmmmm Where Do i LOOK like I Am From. Kinda Mocking Him And Yet Giggling At The same Time " Ahhhh! Jusss Kidding . But I Am From LONG Ways From Here . Which i Dont Think You Even Heard Of it. Its Call " Lucia Valley" Heh~ Shuureeeee, It May NOT Sound Appealing But Its a GREAT Place"
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He scoffs, "Why would you be traveling alone, you just seem like an ordinary school girl."
The knight then started to think, looking up from the side. "Hm, Lucia Valley? To be honest I've never even been to this....village?" Thinking it might've been a village.
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"Ordinary School Girl!? , Weell For Your INFO. I Am NOT Attending School Anymore , And Ahheemm . Lucia Valley ISNT A Village Mr. KNIGHT. Its Bigger Than That. But Smaller Than THIS Place . So Dont Have To JUMP To Conclusions." Getting A LIL Irritated , Thinks : "Gaahhh , Dont Tell Me His Is On Of Those RICHY , Smart , KNOW-IT-ALLS"
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Kai just looks at her getting agitated himself, "Tch, you sure have a mouth on you. So much for gentleness." He get's off the from the wall, "Well then, Miss Toughness, I'll be leaving you alone. " Walks off, with the people now looking at her rather angry themselves.

"That girl, needs to learn her manners." - Mid age women
The people started to chatter about, "Psst, maybe she IS a witch..." The children ran off after Kai, "Mistline-san!"
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"Whatever ~" Looks At Dem Eyeballs . "WHAT!? Wanna Say Something To my FACE! Hmmmmm?" Then Leaves Thinks : "The SOONER I Leave The BETTER" "hmmmm , Lets Go By A Near Hotel . i Need A REST From This . " She Goes Into A 4 Star Hotel (She Aint DAT RICHHHHHH XD)

"heres your Key miss. have a nice stay ^^"

"Thanks Yous" Thinking : "Hmmm. Ima Travel more At Night.". then goes Up To Her Room And Takes A Nice LOONG Nap.
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(She sounds more diff than Rinoa lol)

An old man was watching Luna in the distance, "Young lady should you mind your manners. Someone who looks elegant as yourself, should learn some." The he laughs.

(This scene should remind you of someone lol Cept this one TALKS.)

Kai was sitting on the sands by the shore, looking at the sea. -sighs-
"Maybe I was a bit too blunt. I should've show more manners."

As the kids were playing nearby him, one of them comes over and sits with him. "You don't have to beat yourself up cause of her. You're you after all. hehe"

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(Omg I Thought Of that to! Shiiet. And Hoy Ima Go to Sleep Gotta Get Ready For Finals Tmrw. WAK xD)

Looks At The Creepy Old Man . "Uhhh,,,, o-o Ohhhkkkeeeiiiiiisss" She Wakes Up From Her LONG Ass Nap . And Tires To Wake Herself Up . "Gotta......... Go............... Travel.............. Sorceress..........." After 15 Mins Of dat shiet . She Woke Up and Took A Showa And Went Downstairs To Pay .

'Thank You Come Again ^^"

"Yuep!" She Leaves And Starts To Leave The City . She Looks for Her Map . "Hmmm Lets See Where To Go To?"
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Kai was at the exit of the town by now speaking with some adventurers.

"Yes, that's all we heard sir. There's some here in this town, that's giving off that dark aura."

"Alright thank you I'll check it out, so it's by the observatory..." He walks off towards the school campus and buildings."
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Luna Was Looking Through Her map " -____- I dont GET This AT ALLL. Kayso , i am HERE. So Maybe i Should Go Here. Uhhh , I think . OMG!" Throws The map on the ground Ill Jus go With My Natural Instincts (IF SHE HAS ONE HA!) She keeps Walking Around . " Uhhh I think I am LOST!"
Posted 1/12/11 , edited 1/13/11
He continues to run, but didn't notice Luna was in the way. He runs into her, causing him to slightly tumble. "AH! Hey!" Kai turns around to see who or what it was, "...Oh ah, it's you miss." He quickly get's up, and bows. "I'm sorry-"
Posted 1/12/11 , edited 1/13/11

(OH HELLL NAH) "Ouuuuuuuucchh Ouch . No No Its My Fault I Got In Your Way" Looks Up And Sees Kai . "WAAHH Its-Its You."
Posted 1/12/11 , edited 1/13/11
(Oh she'll live. lol)

Kai then helps her up, "I'm truly sorry, I was just in a hurry didn't realize you were nearby."
He hesitated a bit, "And sorry about before, I shouldn't concluded things, I tend to sometimes say things that pop up in my mind."

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(FACKER! Yuueppp BETTAH Apologize.!)

She Gets Up ."Thanks Fer Helpin Me Up , And Uh Thats Ohkeis. At Lease i Didnt Get Any Marks I Hope" Looks At Her Body To See Anything Was Wrong "Nooope Nothing . Oh Heh~ About THAT. I Forgive You xD Buuut As A Favor can You Uhh Show Me The Exit Outta This Place . I Am Like.... LOST"
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Kai warmly smiles, "The exit is practically located in 4 different directions, their not that hard to miss...ah-" Then he started to think, "Well I can certainly show you, but I have to tend to something important first."
Posted 1/12/11 , edited 1/13/11

"Uhh , Ohkeis Il Wait Here Then . If You Got Other Things To Do"
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