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Post Reply The City of Academics, Lufione
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"I can't just leave you here, I could take you with me, or you may stay at my place."
Looks around and notices a little girl, he gesture her to come over, and kneels down. "If this pretty lady want to go to my home, will you show her?"

The lil girl looks up at Luna, hiding behind her teddy bear.

Kai looks up at Luna, "That's if she want to of course."
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(Ouuuuiiiiiieeee! GEEEETT IIIITT!!! xD)

"Uhhhh......" looks At The Cuuuutee Lil Giirrr "Heh~" Smiles And Bends down To The Lil girl "Can You Show Me Where It Is?" The Lil Gur Knods Her Head Cutely And Starts To Walk and Me Following With , Luna Turns Around to Kai "Ill be Waiting Kays?"
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He nods and runs off, in a hurry muttering some words. "Have to hurry."

The lil girl kept silent cause she was shy, still hiding behind her bear walking cutely.

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Looks At The Lil Gur and Smiles "Why Is A Cute Little Girl Like You Walking By Yourself?" And NO Reply. "Uhh.... Ohkeiiiiiis" Thinks: "Its like Shes DEAD XD Hmmmm What Else Should i Say . ....... Gosh This Is SOO AWKWARD! KNIGHT Needs To HURRY!" Still Thinkin To Huuuur Self.

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She stops and points at the place, "Mm." Just making a slight sound.

Kai makes to the observatory, and some people rushed to him. "We need more mages sir, it seems the enemy is weak to magic."

Catching his breathe, "H-huh? Are you kidding? I'm limited when it comes to magic."
Then he remembers, seeing Luna and her staff. -facepalm- "Ugh! If I'd known more info then I would have ask for her help!"

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"Soo Uhh Do I Juss Go In , Or Do i Uhh..............." Looks At Her Confused "Mmmm" Then Leaves "Uhhh...... " Turns Around "Hehh~ Here goes Nothin' " She goes Insides And Cant Believe Her Eyeballs "Woooaahh So HUGE, Look BIGGER Than The City , .... Watch Me Get Lost In Here"
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The little girl waits the the door, sitting at the steps.

"Forget it! I'll handle it myself, I may have a few spells but it's better then nothing." He storms off into the building.
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"Uhhhh................................................" The Maid Walks Beside Her "Excuse me Miss ,,,, But Uh are You One Of His Fangirls?" Looks At Her "WHHHAAAAAAA , Fangirls? HE Has Fangirls . PSSHHT Like Id EVER Be One ." "Well Ohkeis Then . Why Are You Here Then , " "Uhhh Kai Told Me To Wait For Him Here , and i Just Wanted To Check Out This Place Since Itso BIG And All ." "Ohh Wells Ohkeis If you Need Anything Then Look For A Maid , I Am Shure That They;; Help You OUt." "Uhh Ohkeis' The Maid Leave Thinks: "gessh"

(Aye Ima Logg OUt)
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The little girl runs off into Kai's direction worried. "Mr. Knight..."
Smashes into the wall, "Agh! Dammit!" Getting up slowly, holding his stomach, "Alright, this will be harder than I thought, their rock bodies are hard to break!"
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"Hmmm. I Wonder Whats Taking Him So LONG!?"
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From where Kai was from loud explosion sounds could be heard and then a few tremors shaking the ground.
Kai ran deeper into the ruins, slightly injured. "Now I REALLY should've brought her with me."

The little girl stopped and ran back for Luna, once she was in the house she tugs on Luna's skirt, looking up worried.
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Luna Looks At The Little Girl. "Huh? What Is It Little Girl?" Crouching Down. Thinks : "Shes Looking At Me So Nervously , Makes Me Kinda Nervous To ."
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"Mr. Knight, might be in danger. You have a staff so I thought maybe, you can help him." Pulling on Lunas skirt frantically.

As he ran through he hacked and slashed away what was in the way, not caring it he killed it or not, all he cared about was saving the people inside the ruins.
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"Huh? Ahhh.. Ohkei , Ohkei , Juss Show Me Where He Is At . " Then They Start Leaving.
Posted 1/16/11 , edited 1/17/11

She finally takes them to the ruins and points, there was a whole bunch of injured knights, and people outside of the place.

Kai stops midway, and hears a loud crashing sound looking back to see what it was. His eyes slowing came to shock.
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