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Posted 1/9/11 , edited 1/9/11

1.No godly people
2.Don't go around killing people's characters
3.Keep it PG 13 if not put it in a spoiler....
4.Don't play other peoples characters

You can have as many characters as you like as long as you remember and use them.

Okay so when we approve you and you start rping do not quote people unless they are leaving.

Ways to Quote

Jake:He sat on a bench crying

Mark:He came up to the crying guy and farted
Jake:He smiled and farted as well

That is a no no ^

This is the ryt way

Leah: Her eyes got big and she fainted as she smelled all the fart

Jake:He blushed as he saw her faint
That is the right way^
So basically if you quote only quote once if you double quote without a spoiler your doomed
Do you guys get it?????Anywayz onto the spoilers

Alryt if you guys are go to do that crazy cyber shizz then you better put a spoiler i kno people are thinking eww cyber but i kno you peeps do it so yeah.

Maria:She moan loudly as Drake touched her "elbow"
That is a no no ^


The ryt way^

I think that's about it....if not i'll edit fallowing the rules!

Post Book* under your character sign up post so i that you red this rules.
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