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After you have created your character start role playing here
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-walksto a feld and sits and brother sneaks up at me and befor he can hug me i say "Hey Hartaru." And he pats my head- "Your really a tricky one!" Hartaru Says. -I unpack lunch and we eat-
Posted 1/14/11 , edited 1/14/11
*Is walking around for school lunch when notices two people in the field* HI HI *i yell*
Posted 1/14/11 , edited 1/14/11
Natsumi and Ruji were walking around to look for a place to eat lunch. They sits down at a bench.
Natsumi opens her bento and start eating it. Ruji open his bento also.
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*continues walking home after yelling hi and notices natsumi and riju* hi hi guys whats up?
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Natsumi and Ruji look at her and smiles. "Yo!" Ruji let his hand up in the air.
Natsumi looks at her and waves. "Hi, nothing much, we just eat, and you??"
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*i walk over to natsumi and ruji* I'm just walking home from school *smiles*
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Kaguya and Hartaru*Me and my brother walk out of school and we walk out the magic school "Hartaru that training now." I say "yeah!" hartaru says. I shot a plasma bolt and it hits Kagome "oh my god! I am so sorry!" I yell runing to her.
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*falls to the ground but leans up and gets up slowly* im fine *smiles* nice shot
Posted 1/15/11 , edited 1/15/11
*walks through the park on my way home from school*
Another day...another useless set of homework
*sees a couple where the guy gives the girl a bouquet a roses*
Whats with couples and flowers...tch...humans~
*the girl hugs him and as they walk off she throws the bouquet in a bin*
*walk to the bin and picks up the bouquet and walks to a flower bed near some bushes*
*unwraps the paper and plants it on the soil*
There you go~...those humans will never understand the true beauty of nature
*stands up and continues walking through the park*
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Ruji finish eating his bento. "well,we are also going home now, or when Natsumi is done with her food" He smiles and laughs a little.
Natsumi eats her bento, but just half of it
. "I dont want we can go home now" She look at her. "Oh, btw we are sivblings"
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(wanna rp? )

Kuya were lieing on the grass in the park. He point up in the sky and talk to himself. He draw something.
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(sorry for the late reply...sure thing^^)

*walks in the path...then stops looking at some guy laying on the ground*
Hmm...doesnt seem to be a human~
Posted 1/15/11 , edited 1/15/11

(its ok^^)
He contnue for a bit then sighs. "so boring..." he says to himself. He look around and see some girl looking at him
Posted 1/15/11 , edited 1/15/11

*stares at him for a full 10 seconds*
chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii =.=
hmm...are you frm the magic skool?
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