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Posted 1/15/11 , edited 1/16/11


Ughh, Rules.. I know right?

  • MUST be YOUR piece of work; if not name the person who did, if you dont know who, say so.
  • If the character, etc isnt yours please state. Ex. You drew maybe.. Amu from Shugo Chara, You must say that its her and the anime.

  • You can compliment and all, But no conversations.

  • Please Please Pleeaase, do not copy/edit etc in any way without permission of the one who created the work

Posted 1/15/11 , edited 1/16/11
Mmk, these are nooby, and I made these like years ago, so shush. BTW, I did not make the second drawing up, I just found a picture I liked and drew it. AND I DID NOT TRACE. (ew, tracing)

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