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It's a pleasure to finally meet you my name is samuel Oak. For years i traveled and researched on pokemon now that of my old age i only have three left. As a trainer it has always been my dream to create a pokemon encyclopedia that allows you to collect data on new species of pokemon in this world there are a total of 151. Now tell me a little bit more about yourself

Are you a boy or are you a girl?

-After you select your gender you will be transered into the world of pokemon you do not have to use the trainers above in the picture you may select your own but u most provide it in the forums ^.^

Oak: okay...your grand aventure in the world of pokemon BEGINS NOW!!!
- trainer shrinks into pokemon game ^^

- You are in your home town Pallet

- The Heronie (you) is at home sound asleep

Mom: Sweetheart wake up if you stay sleeping your going to miss professor oak

Trainer: mmmm mom ....five more minutes school is across the street -you roll over-

-alarm clock rings-

Trainer: wahhhh i over slept -looks at clock- mom!!! why didnt u tell me i was going to be late!?? -you scurry to get dress-

Trainer: bye mom love you bye~

Mom: wait your not going to eat...?

Trainer: i dont have time mom -you give your mom a kiss then rush out the door-

-you looks through your pocket and pulls out a small postcard-

Trainer: thank goodness i thought i lost it

-you rush to professor oak's lab-

Trainer: aww im i to late nobody is here D:

- you walk inside-

Trainer: hello...? o.O anybody here...?

???: well...well look what we have here a Greenhorn

Trainer: wahhhh you are you show youself

- Your Rival Gary appears-

-he walks up to you-

Gary: if you looking for grandad his not here...

Trainer: ok thanks...-you walk outside-

Trainer:damn i too late

Trainer: who needs a pokemon i can travel all by myself -toughness-

-your about to walk into tall grass-


Trainer: ahhh - you jump up-

-professor oak grabs you-

Oak: its dangerous to be in the tall grass by yourself you need a pokemon for protection

-the grass rustles and you and professor oak step back-

Oak: i think were too late

-wild pokemon attacks!!!!-

Oak: stand back that pikachu is really unstabled

-the pikachu uses thundershock-

Trainer: look out professor o.O

-Professor oak jumps

Oak: pokeball go!!!!!!

-Oak throws a pokeball at wild pikachu it moves three times then snaps-
-Wild pikachu was captured-

Oak: come on lets go before anymore show up

-Oak grabs you by the hand and head towards his lab-

-at the lab-

Gary: grandad!!! what too you so long!?

Oak: oh Gary be patient

Gary: -grumble-

Oak: have the oppertunity of a life time you may select one of these four ^^ pokemon please take your pick

Gary: grandad what about me!?

Oak: oh be patient gary you can have a pokemon too!

-Please select a pokemon that will be your frist partner ^^ -

Bulbasaur / Grasss
Oak: i see, bulbasaur is very easy to raise

Charmander / Fire
Oak: ahhh charmander you should raise it patiently

Squirtle / water
Oak: hmm squirtle one is worth raising ^^

Pikachu / electric
- Oak Stares at pikachu pikachu starts sparking its cheeks-
Oak: hmmm im not to sure about that one...

- Now its about to you select your pokemon and your grand adventure begins in the kanto region-
once you have selected your pokemon professor Oak will grant you with a pokedex and five pokeballs post in the forums your name age picture of your trainer and the pokemon you have selected to be your frist partner..

- good luck and have fun in the world or pokemon-

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