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Posted 1/17/11 , edited 1/17/11
The finale, as in, the last few episodes concluding the series. Why did it have to get so dirty with Tone and Sky Blue? What was with all the confusing twitchy recycling of the same footage for the final battle? It wasn't even close to psychological, it was just confusing and ridiculous to follow. Where did the Youth Melos League nonsense come from? All the Melos Warriors are loners, why would they have a gathering? Then what happened to Tone and Koko at the end? Bocca left the battlefield, no mention of them, then the series ends, wtf?

What about the very final few minutes of the ending? One of the characters had mentioned that returning to earth on an aibar machine would warp time, or something like that. Bocca does do it, after he decides to ditch tone and koko. What does that imply? Bocca returned to a different earth and is again trying to fight the Monster Union from the beginning?
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