So i'm guessing another RP room is needed?
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So we could really use another place in the Rp so post suggestions then we will vote on it
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I have two suggestions, how about a forest or mountains?
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that sounds good i will put that in the poll once i get a few more suggestions
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Good thing I havent went to bed...
Ok heres wat I think...since this is a skool I suppose theres gonna be places for classes, a field and perhaps a library too
But my opinion is to just make two classes a "weapons class" and a "magic class"
Or if you wanna be more specific: A Melee Class, A Raged Weapons Class, and an Element Class

A library might not be a good idea since its suppose to be silent all day long I guess making one would be entirely pointless
You cant really talk loudly...and if I need to research or learn about something...
I could just write: "Brb guys I'm going to the library to read some stuff *Goes to the library and reads a fire element book studying there*"
End of story...

As for the field...well I guess the students are suppose to have gym class but thinking bout non humans playing sports and that not all of us would want to play OR knw how to play a certain sport AT THE SAME TIME...but if its for sparring...I'll pick that over sports ANY DAY~

Last one I wanna point out is the Dorms...should we have them or not...coz I've been to "skool rp grps" b4 and usually the dorms dun get much attention...especially wen they make one rp location FOR EVERY FREAKING ROOM....Maybe we could just put like: "Male Dorm", "Female Dom" least we can all mingle together...

So the rp forums that may be up:

Melee Weapons Class
Ranged Weapons Class
Elements Class
School Field/Indoor Sports Hall
Male/Female Dorms

(I only mentioned the library to explain to you why its not a good idea to have it as a Rp forum)
(I gotta sleep now...I'll reply to you guys tmr...night!~)
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