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1.Request to:
2.picture type(anime,real life,manga wallpaper,raw picture):
3.What kind of picture:
5.Payment ( invite 5 friends,write them here/ upload 8 pictures in the payment album):


1. We can find you raw picture from your avatar, banner, badge etc.
1.1. We aren't 100% sure that we can find the raw picture!
2. To request anime/manga/ real life picture, say form what anime/manga/ real life is this character, group etc.
2.1. Please say anime/manga/ real life character(s) name, too.
3.You can't request yaoi, yuri, hentai, ecchi etc. pictures!
4. When you request, make sure that you did the payment!
4.1 Please, every time check the 1st post, 'couse the request form can be changed!
5. When you want us to find an artist picture, please post example picture, too!
6. If you invited all your friends, please, upload 8 photos!
In gallery: Payment: 8 pictures!
7. You can't request for photoshop; textures, brushes etc.
8.Requster can only request for 4 raw pictures in one request time!
9. You can only request 3 anime (e.g; Shugo Chara;K-ON; Skip Beat) in one request time!
10. You can only request for 3 random anime pictures in one request time!
11. You can only request for 3 real life picture in one request time!
12. Now we have galleries with popular anime! Make sure you checked them!
13. Please, read all the rules!

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