Won that Fight, Lost that War.
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Posted 1/17/11 , edited 1/18/11
Loud gun shots. BUDDAUT BUDDAUT* Two Hours Before*
10:01 P.M
Dark night sky and no one was around except Jack and I. We were sitting by Jack's apartment porch. Jack was my only acquaintance i can trust but even that, i don't trust him more than a pig . Ever had one of those days you wish you should just have stayed home? I told my friend Jack. No, but i wish you had a breath mint. He replied idiotically. While laughing i quickly replied, Sorry, i was sloppy-workin your mom. He gave a feint smile and took a deep sigh. Yeah, i would still have my homie around said Jack. Well, he was my Homie too. I said while taking my last puff of my cig. Five nigga's walk by while taking a slight glance at us and keeps walking away. Jack turns his head and looks at me. Yo, what would you say we say hello to our best friend at Big Pops house? said Jack. Big Pops was drug dealer that owed Jack big money. I looked at him and asked him, How much does he owe you this time? Five grand. You get 10% if you come with me, replied Jack. That's some quick money i told him. I'm down like how i'm down with your...Jack snapped at me and said, better not say my momma. You only get one diss about my momma a day and nothing mo're. I laughed and said nigga, what the hell is wrong with you, i was about to say your sister.

10:20 P.M
We walked 4 avenues and around 3 blocks already. While we were walking jack asked me if i brought my gun. Of course i fucking brought it, my baby Rossanne is the only babe i can really trust. Jack smiled, and said yeah, cause that's the only hole you ever fucked. I looked at him with a grin and said, fuck you, nigga. We walked up Pops porch and knocked on his door. A little boy opened the door. He asked, who're you? Jack said, hey lil man, is your pops home? The little boy went inside and screamed, DADDAAYYY, your friends are here. Big Pops went towards the front door and he looked smoked. Haaayyyy, whats up dawg? said Pops. Jack looked at him with the eye brow higher than the other pretending to be like ROCK from WWF. Don't Hey me nigga, wheres my money? said Jack. Pops laughed hysterically, nahh, i don't got your money holmes. Jack said, what? and pushes Big pops to the floor and yells says, WHERE IS THE FUCKING MONEY? Big Pops then says, What money? Jack quickly replied, Don't fucking play dumb. The drugs i fucking gave you to sell. Suddenly, two cops came inside the room and quickly said, PUT YOUR HANDS UP! you are under arrest! OH, SHIT RUN! said jack. We ran while the cops were chasing us. We went our separate ways and make it harder for us to get caught. I made it inside my crib. 15 minutes later Jack comes inside my apartment. He said, that fucking fat piece shit of fucking mother fuckers. We both stared at each other with a long ass pause.
10:53 P.M
What we do now? Jack said. What? i replied. We do nothing the fucking cops are chasing us as we speak bro. Lets just stay fucking low for now, okay? Fuck no, jack yelled. That shit owes me fucking 5 grand and what kind of escort are you? You should've busted pops head right there and then stupid mother fucker. Long pause again as we stared at each other but this time is wasn't as long as the first. Alright, you know what lets just stay low for a couple of hours and pop of Big Pop's head off, aight? Jack agrees and we just did nothing in my apartment for 10 minutes. *Boom Boom* Someone knocking on the door. POLICE! someone screams. Oh shit, its the fucking dogs says Jack. We hear you inside, JACK! AND WE ARE COMING IN said the police. Jack quickly goes outside the balcony and uses the fire escape and escapes. Where was I? well, three minutes before i was in the bathroom doing my business.

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