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Posted 1/17/11 , edited 1/18/11
*heads into bathroom with a good book and shuts door*
*20 minutes later* ARE YOU FUCKIN KINDING ME?! CAN'T ANY ONE TAKE A SH*T IN THIS PLACE WITHOUT BEING DISRUPTED?!! *kick door open, mumbling* damn dead. they can at least show some curdisy for the living *door swings back and forth after me kicking it, and it shows a murder scene. A man is in the tub with an axe in his head, both his hands are pinned to the wall by daggers, blood is everywhere, shower curtain half ripped off.**i walk away in anger*
Posted 1/17/11 , edited 1/18/11
* fallows you moveing from side to side behind you * a-are you ok??
Posted 1/18/11 , edited 1/18/11
*i pout in a pissed off way* No. I can't have any privacy in this damn house...i really getting close to spilling holy water all over the bathroom.
Posted 1/18/11 , edited 1/19/11
*stops scared* im sorry i-i didnt mean to bother you * fades away*
Posted 1/19/11 , edited 1/19/11
NO NO!!! not u ur good ur about the only spirit here who gives me privcy *shakes hands like its okay* your good your good you can stay
Posted 1/19/11 , edited 1/19/11
* pops up in frunt of u n smiles big* yay hehe * smiles at you*
Posted 1/20/11 , edited 1/20/11
*attempts to pat head but hand goes right through* Damn. Well on the plus side ur like the sister ive always wanted....let's go see how the party is out back
Posted 1/20/11 , edited 1/21/11
*smiles* hehe ok * gose into the teady bear on the floor n it starts to move* im ready 11
Posted 1/21/11 , edited 1/21/11
*puts on shades* alright lets go rock this party *and heads out the back door you following*
Posted 1/21/11 , edited 1/22/11
*smiles n jumps around doing party boy dances*
Posted 1/22/11 , edited 1/23/11
*we get to the graveyard and sees Skully already rockin out**he attempts to head bang but his head falls off* BAHA! THAT"S GREAT!!
Posted 1/23/11 , edited 1/23/11
*laphes n uses his head for a soccer ball* hahahahahahaha
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Posted 1/23/11 , edited 1/23/11
I lay in my bed, dreaming of my old house when I actually had one. I wake up to see kurt's pale face close to mine. "HOLY FISH FINDER!" I fall out of my bed and sit up, "What is your deal!?"
Kurt chuckled, "Sorry bout that. Thought you would be use to it by now. Guess not?"
"Not by a long shot, jack-wagon." I stand up and brush myself off, "What's new in the dead zone?"
Kurt pondered, "Well, we got a few more dead souls in the house now. We just go about out daily routines. I would like to travel out again." He gave me the puppy dog eyes.
I sighed, "Maybe later. If you haven't noticed, I just fell out of my damn bed and would like to stretch a little."
Posted 1/23/11 , edited 1/23/11
* pops up and sayd Boo really loud n gose into a stuff bear*
Posted 1/24/11 , edited 1/24/11
*staggers back in from the back door, face paint all over my face, i had Skully's tophat* THAT. WAS. AWESOME. Man, i wonder where lily went
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