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*hi everyone! im Katiria the ceator of this group* i want to give you the chance of creating your own vampire character so that vampire knights world can continue its imortal fever* and you can do anything here ^.^ jajaja even marry someone in the vampire way* (*The ceremony starts when a full moon appears* , and the kiss is the same as how kaname did to yuuki *) you can sugest other things 2! .

PS: whe need mods and others like ID card makers avii makers and whe are soon gonna be a vampire host club/group so if you think its a good idea give us your opinion ^.^

jaja ok start creating your vampire character !

** fill this **


blood tipe: (low class [normal vampire] , hig class [relatives of pure bloods] , royalty [pure blood]
partner or pet: (optional)
(in spoiler please)
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this is the quote....

username: Katiria
name: Katiria
nickname: katy , kat , kitty , sweets , love , vampire kitty , kitty~chan ...and so.... ^.^
age: 14
birthday: june 23 , 1997
blood tipe:royalty [pure blood]
power: water , mind control , moonlight , healing .
weapon: moon harp (or violin)
partner or pet: white fox
bio: (pureblood vampire) Isaya Shoutou was her father , Katiria Shoutou was a very honest , warmhearted , kind and gentle pure blood vampire and so she grew up being a beauttiful young pure blood vampire , along with a close friend of hers "kaname kuran" they where very close and he was like her big brother so she fell in love with another pure blood and right now shes studyng on cross to learn how to get along with humans....

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