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Fractal Production Committe Halts Funimation Simulcast
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Posted 1/27/11 , edited 1/27/11
I'm glad the Fractal simulcast is back, not sure how Funimation did it but they did it somehow. The FPC request was pretty unreasonable to begin with but either way glad its back.

as for One Piece I have no problem with the quality when its first streamed 360 is not that bad it isn't the best but its not that bad. I got a modest 22 inch flat panel monitor which is HD compatible but my computer isn't so watching in HD doesn't mean much to me if I don't have the right tools to do so and also streaming 720 with my internet connection isn't the best, it can almost handle it but it still stops and stutters every few minutes. not sure if One Piece gets 720p from HuluPlus would be cool if it did but got to have someone with the subscription to verify if it does or not.
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Posted 1/27/11 , edited 1/28/11
wow they sure don't waste time moving it to Hulu. It was available for me to watch off the Funi site at around Noon, but by 6 it was already moved to hulu.

Most of the Funi Simulcastes are available to Canada for at least a day or two normally. I wonder if this rapid turn around has anything to do with the FPC mess.

Thank god they left it available on their YuTube page
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