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Posted 1/21/11 , edited 1/21/11

Its a beautiful sunny day and you and your team just got back from cerulean city
♥ Route four ♥

You: ahhh i feel powerful i got two gym badges

-you show them to your pokemon-

You: you see that takes real talent if i say so myself

-you spot a boy sitting on a rock-

You: hmmm i better go see if he's okay...

-you go up to trainer and you notice he's moving a pokemon back and forth with his finger -

You: hey you a too i got two badges -you show him your badges-

boy: wow u must be very powerful -sighs-

You: w-whats the matter..? o.o

Boy: im not a very good trainer my pokemon keeps losing battles its going to grow up to hate me >.<

- you look down at the ground and kick your feet up against the dirt -

Boy: HEY!!!!

You: w-what o.O"

Boy: will you look after my pokemon for me -sparkle eyes-

you: umm...

Boy: please i do love my pokemon its just that i want him to grow up happy and thats not going to happen being with me :(

You : -nods- okay i'll make you a trainer's promise i'll take good care of your pokemon -you shake hands-

Boy: -hands you pokeball- thanks -he smiles and then starts to head off-

You: wow -looks at pokeball- i wonder what pokemon is it o.O -pokemon i chose you
-a charmander comes out-


♥ congraudulations you have obtained a charmander for your team ♥

Charmander level 7
Metal Claw

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