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The Kanto chapter of the Pokémon Fan Club is located in Vermilion. The Pokémon Fan Club is an organization spread throughout the Pokémon world, with at least one Club House in nearly every region. The Fan Club is basically a place for people to meet and chat about their favorite Pokémon and to show off their collections to each other. In general, the members are usually more oriented to unevolved, cute Pokémon and Pokémon Contests than Pokémon battles.

By talking to the Fan Club Chairman he will start a long talk with the player. He talks about his two favorite Pokémon, Rapidash and Fearow at length and then gives the player a coupon to get a bicycle. In Pokémon Yellow he got a new hobby - taking Pokémon photos. The big photos of his Rapidash and Fearow can be seen on the walls of the clubhouse. He appears again in Pokémon Gold and Silver in the same place. Again, he talks about his Rapidash and gives the player a Rare Candy for listening to his story.

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