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The Vermilion Gym is the official gym of Vermilion City. It is based on Electric-type Pokémon. The Gym Leader is Lt. Surge. Trainers who defeat him receive the Thunder Badge. Vermilion Gym appears in all games set in the Kanto region, appearing much the same in each: the main room is filled with 15 trash cans, and trainers are scattered about this room. Beyond this room is another, guarded by electric doors in Generation I, and an electric fence in Generation III. The only way to get in the final room, where Lt. Surge is located, was to find two switches underneath the trash cans. If the first switch was found, but the player incorrectly guessed the second one, the traps would reset. In Generation II, these traps are not turned on. After Lt. Surge is defeated, he will give the player the Thunder Badge, TM34 (Shock Wave), and the ability to use Fly outside of battle.

Lt. Surge's Pokemon
Raichu level 25
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