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Must Do in Korea
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Posted 3/30/14 , edited 3/31/14
Go to Dongdaemun and Myeongdong for trendy clothes and make-up shopping. Namdaemun for souvenir and fake goods. Then, Gangnam and Apgujeong if you really want to shop for high end Louis Vutton (though why would you do that in Korea, I don't know) but really go for the entertainment company buildings in Apgujeong where you'll easily find SM's building (I think across a Tory Burch store.) and a couple blocks over, JYP's and Cube's. Some ritzy, expensive clubs will be there as well. Go to Hongdae for YG's building and night club, lots of college students clubbing and indie street performers. It's also a pretty artsy district, if you ask me. You'll find one of the Hello Kitty cafes there, too. The other, you'll find in Sinchon where the prestigious Yonsei University is located. If you know Eat Your Kimchi, their studio is also in Hongdae. Right next to Sinchon is Edae, named after Ewha Women's University, which is located there as well. Lots of shopping for women as a result. Sogang University is also located there.

Only really go if you want to get away from the city and if you're a nature lover. It's a quiet, relaxing island surrounded by crystal blue waters and volcanic rock. Beautiful place but if you're into a more fast-paced lifestyle, perhaps you'd find it boring. Very quirky island. If you're in for a fun time that'll make you blush, go to Loveland Sex Museum where there's very... compromising... statues... that'll make your mom's ears red. Nature lovers, go to the numerous volcanic caves that were once filled with lava. Also go for the morning hike on Seongsal Ilchulbong or Sunrise Peak for a beautiful, beautiful seaside view atop a crater. Prepare to fork out money for taxis however as places are far and inbetween, and it takes at least 1-2 hours to get to one spot to the other. There are a few bus systems that also come only 1-2 hours or do inbetween. TRY THE ORANGES. Jeju is best known for their oranges, and they have a way of putting it in everything. I suggest the chocolate! Other things to try are the Jeju soju and the black pig/pork (which really actually looks like purple).

Beach. Haeundae is the place to be. It's bustling with life at night from both foreigners and locals, drinking at the numerous restaurants leading to the beach as well as couples sitting on the sand drinking together. Great place to try a spa or jjimjilbang after a long day at the beach. Busan people are friendly, so it's a great place to meet new friends.

K. I think I've really said enough. If you have further questions, contact me.
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Posted 4/4/14 , edited 4/4/14
Born and raised !

Korea really is an awesome experience and it really depends on what you like to do, and how you like to spend your time. Out of personal experience and having lived on-base (Yongsan and Humphreys) I understand that GI's often get bored. Well, the last poster ^ pretty much nailed popular hotspots in Korea, make sure to also check City Hall area where the Sejong Statue is! There are alot of trendy restaurants and cafes in area, and it really is beautiful at night (Iris's final huge scene was filmed here ) . Cheonggyecheon is the highlight of that area, being a very popular place for couples (perfect place to go on for a cute date!). It's a well lit, waterway with trees and places to walk. The heavily contrasting cityscape with this seemingly natural waterway makes for an interesting mix. In addition, for those who have picky palettes, there are a large number of Western restaurants in this area such as Outback, Bennigan's, and TGI Friday's.

Another really popular place is Itaewon. Before all of you Korea enthusiasts shoot me down, Itaewon is an awesome place to visit or hang out with IF you know where to go and what to do. Itaewon is a very touristy place known for its super touristy markets and shopping places. To the unknowing tourist, Itaewon is probably one of the places where people get hustled out of lots of money all the time. Vendors, knowing that Itaewon is a touristy spot, will overcharge you (if you're white or seemingly new) so don't be afraid to haggle! It's all part of the experience. Itaewon might not be known for cuisine, but there are alot of great restaurants in the area. If you travel down Itaewon coming from the SamGakJi station, if you walk further down, there is a small area BEHIND the main street of foreign foods. It's a hidden gem of food! There's AMAZING World food, ranging from 100% authentic (people from their respective countries opened these restaurants) Indian, African, Japanese, Greek and even Mexican food can be found here. There's alot of meandering alleyways that contain cool stuff like small clothing boutiques, traditional Korean diners, and even art galleries (I actually owned one in Itaewon, until a few years ago).

Now my favorite place in Korea, based on my preferences, is Insadong. Insadong is a district in Seoul that is known for its art. Although it's not official, it's been dubbed as Seoul's art district. This entire area is covered in small to large galleries with some of the most talented artists in the Nation. Most of the crowd in this area tend to be college students, small time music performers, and young artists. This place has a certain atmosphere that I was really drawn to, and when I go visit Korea every now and then, I spend large amounts of time here. There are alot of artsy cafes and small lounges many with a specialty food or item that makes it popular. In junction to galleries, Insadong has alot of great stores and booths where local artists sell their own creations. This place I've found out to be one of the best places to get souvenirs for friends, since the items you buy here are different and nothing can substitute it. I can't recall off of the top of my head how to here from wherever you're starting from, but message me if you really want to know!

There are so many places and things to do in Korea, and what I've mentioned isn't even the tip of the massive iceberg of what is South Korea. If you have any questions, feel free to message me! I apologize in advance for the wall of text
Posted 9/25/14 , edited 9/25/14
Which of you live in Korea? Or are you all just speaking based on previous experiences here?
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Posted 9/26/14 , edited 9/27/14
Eat korean food and meet kpop stars!
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Posted 10/5/14 , edited 10/6/14
Go to Myeongdong! (Shopping central!)
Also check out Namsam Tower/ N Seoul Tower!!
Go hiking! It's a definite thing people of all ages do there.
Drink soju! Because it's like death. Mix it with beer and be psy and get a hangover!!
Go to a concert if possible!! They'd be worth it!
Eat bulgogi and Kalbi!
Try their weird pizzas because it's definitely different! (Unless you're used to pizza like that...)
Go to Lotte World!!

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Posted 10/14/14 , edited 10/14/14
I really can't imagine a 33 year old Airman being interested in half of these suggestions.
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