Shinobi: Heart Under Blade
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Posted 1/22/11 , edited 1/22/11
Anyone else seen it? What did you think of it? I rented it from netflix this week and my gosh what a complete snooze that was. It was touted as a 'cross between Romeo and Juliet and XXX men'. Haha, there is hardly any dialogue or set up to the so called romance between the two main leads, not much in the way of special effects and really just not much of anything but wasted wear and tear on the dvd player. It brought new meaning to the word 'mediocre' for me.
Posted 1/22/11 , edited 1/22/11
oh i've seen it so many years ago but when i was watching it i really didn't had any idea what was going on ( cuz it was in japanese and had no subs lol ) but i read the story in wikipedia and then i really liked the story of the film.
i don't remember much about it now but the girl was sooooo cool , she had the power to almost kill someone just by looking to his eyes.
it renminds me of Sharingan yep she might has been an Uchiha lol
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