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Hai Pals
Anyway since my group has nothing interesting i thought i make a spam topic so u all can spam like u want here and let all out it doesn't even has to be something stupid ANYWAY ENJOY THE SPAMMING
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since u helped me i help u that is how it is supposed to be >:> heheh

Favourite Mangas/Animes i luv <3

Anime nd Manga:
Princess Princess

Manga : My Dear Cat [Oneshot]

Anime nd Manga:D. Gray-Man
[the Anime has an open end but the manga continues]

Anime nd Manga: Code Geass
[with more than one Season]

Anime /nd manga??/:Death Note
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Thanks mine are


.Ahiru no Oujisama.

.Junai Tokkou Taichou!.

.Kokou no Hito.

.Akuma wa Hohoemu.

.Fascinating Summer Vacation.

.Bokurani Matsuwaru etc.

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