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My Characters;

Character Name : Daleah (Duh-Leah)
Gender : Female
Age : 19
Species {Type of Vampyre} : Rogue Vampyre
Personality : Shy, Secretive
Abilities {What can you do?} : can sence and control emotions
Biography {Tell us about you} : Unknown
Picture {In Spoiler} :

Character Name : Aokie (aye-okie)
Gender : Female
Age : 14
Species {Type of Vampyre} : blueblood vampire
Personality : talkative, bubbly, loud
Abilities {What can you do?} : healing
Biography {Tell us about you} : was turned the day of her 14th birthday when her
house was robbed by a man in a dark cloak. her father tried to attaack the man, but
he struck back, biting and drinking her fathers lifes' blood. killing him. her mother fled,
leaving Aokie and her brother Danza, to die. the cloaked man turned them and looked
after them as his own children.
Picture {In Spoiler} :

Character Name : Danza (dan-zuhh)
Gender : male
Age : 16
Species {Type of Vampyre} : blueblood vampire
Personality : shy, quiet
Abilities {What can you do?} : can control electricity, good with swords
Biography {Tell us about you} : Danza is Aokie's older brother and has been by her
side since they were turned. he is very quiet and speaks only to Aokie
Picture {In Spoiler} :

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Character Name:Katsumi Kuran
Speices:Pureblood Vampire
Personality:Nice,Kind,Sweet,Caring,Evil sometime,Can be Selfish and Stubborn at time
Biography:She is the oldest twin sister of Yuki Kuran but their parent was killed an vampire hunter...

Character Name:Yuki "Yuuki" Kuran
Speices:Pureblood Vampire
Personality:Shy,Cute,Nice,Kind,Sweet,Caring,Can be Quite sometime
Biography:She is the youngest twin sister of Katsumi Kuran but when they were 11 year old their parent was killed by an vampire hunter but the vampire hunter was going to killed them and Katsumi's grab her hand then started running away form the vampire hunter after that happen they live have to live their friend name,"Kotomi Ichinose"
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Username {link user} : Sesshys-Angel
What can we call you {nickname} : Rachie

Character Name : Alica Minoki
Gender : Female
Age : forever 19
Species {Type of Vampyre} : Elder
Personality : She makes everything a joke and creates trouble.
Abilities {What can you do?} : Illusions, Curses, Ice and Compulsion (make anyone do anything she wants when she makes eye contact..
Biography {Tell us about you} : Alica is one of the oldest vampires, a Pureblood class that has been ranked to Elder when she passed her 3000th birthday. But unlike the rest of the Elders, Alica acts like a child. Causing trouble when she can, giving people false thoughts ad sight and when shes done, shes kills them with her curses.
Picture {In Spoiler} :

Character Name : Lucas
Gender : Male
Age : 900
Species {Type of Vampyre} : CurseBlood
Personality : He happy to help but is determine.
Abilities {What can you do?} : Powers over death. Can bring back the dead but cant out life back into it.
Biography {Tell us about you} : Lucas was a pureblood from a proud family. But when he was caught playing with the dead, messing with the faith. So now he was kicked out of the blood and now craved into his skin is a mark showing he is a Curseblood.
Picture {In Spoiler} :
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