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Posted 1/23/11 , edited 2/1/11
Yes, I'm making a RP for Primeval
And YES!! You CAN join in!!

Fill in this form:

Character name:
Little bio:
Pic: [in spoiler]

I'l go first!

Character Name: Kyra Williams
Username: kyra926
Little bio: Her family disappeared through an anomaly. She lived on her own for 3 weeks and then saved the ARC team and her boyfriend Nate's lives with her amazing skills with an umbrella and Becker's gun. Lester offered her a job (much to Matt and Becker's surprise) and allocated Becker as her carer (much to everyone's surprise). She is now the youngest employee at the ARC so far.

Hobies: Singing/songwriting, dancing, shopping, texting, cooking, talking to Jess about boys
Skills: Handy with a gun, peacemaker, sarcasm, good with most creatures, fearless(mostly)

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