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◕ Membership Card Request
Posted 3/26/11 , edited 3/27/11

Azusa_Chan wrote:

Risa_Chibi wrote:


  • Make sure that you are requesting the right way.
  • Dont forget to do the Membership Card Request you need is proof needed meaning screenshots or links
  • If you request a membership card you get 20 points each and the next month will be at least 100 points per week.
  • For the Mods: you can put your sample Card on here.
  • Form

    Mod/Sample Card #:
    Proof Needed: (in spoiler)

    #1 - S a m p l e . C a r d by Risa_Chibi

    #2 - S a m p l e . C a r d by animelover325711

    #3 - S a m p l e . C a r d by animelover313

    #4 - S a m p l e . C a r d by cardcaptor67

    Do Not Quote this Form

    Mod/Sample Card #:1
    Proof Needed: (in spoiler)

    ok ill do that later.
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