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25 / F / eating a banana~!
Posted 1/25/11 , edited 1/26/11
Kakora is where all the students are able to hand out, outside of school. But the strange thing is, two moons hang over the city, one white, one black.
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23 / F / In Your Nightmares
Posted 2/5/11 , edited 2/5/11
[Amaya blinked as she stood out on a balcony of well apartment of a grand building. Feeling the warm wind brush against her skin, she closed her eyes before inhaling through her nostrils; after moment, she glanced up and stared curiously at the two moons in the nighttime sky]. "Well, tht is something quite beautiful and Mysterious..Odd, as well. This is a beautiful city to reside in, nonetheless." [She commented to herself, her hands on the thick and decorated stone rails of the balcony, she looked down at the people as they walked the streets, chatting animatedly].
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