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Posted 6/5/07 , edited 6/5/07
HAIYA! i recently got my nintendo DS and im totally clueless about the friend code system. could anyone help? people who do not know abt this system should post yr quiries too, so that the experts out there can help (im sure there are plently) ;D

how do u know yr friend code?
how do i use it in nintendogs and pokemon diamond?
can all versions of DS use the online thingy?
wait. what IS the online thingy in pokemon anyway? stm abu ramdom battles and online trades.

loads more but i'll wait till a REALLY knowledgable person come by *lays out begging mat*

thanks! x9234892347613453
Posted 6/5/07 , edited 6/5/07
Not all games have wifi. look for the blue wifi label on the box.
i dont have pokemon diamnd or pearl yet but i wanna get it.....
so far the best game is jump! ultimate stars and it can only be beaten if the third game comes out.....NO DS GAME CAN BEAT IT!
im not sure about the "friend code thingy" on pokemon but it might be on the wifi setup menu im not sure but its worth looking.....(im not an expert myself sorry)
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Posted 6/6/07 , edited 6/6/07
The wi-fi sytem on Pokemon diamon/pearl has to do with the GTS System. First of all, you need to have a wireless router (or a place that has one) in order to actually use it. After you have created a new game and saved it, when you restart the game and press start at the main screen, it takes you to a menu. The third option is "Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection" or something like that. It takes a few minutes to set up.

After all is set up, then you need for the GTS System in Jubilife City to open. It opens after you defeat the first gym leader. I need to look at my game again, but I think you get your friend code when you first talk to someone in the GTS System building. Either that, or you get it in the pokemon center on the bottom floor. After you get your friend code, advertise it to other people, and you can trade with people worldwide and even battle them too!

I felt so much like a pokemon dork when I was typing this, but it makes me happy when I can help other people out.
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Posted 6/6/07 , edited 6/6/07
Only a few games requires friend codes mostly Wi-Fi compatible games. Some games have the option to generate your Friend Code. Friend Codes are used to connect with a specific person that knows your Friend Code. Some games are Animal Crossing: Wild World, Metroid Prime Hunters, Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship 2007 and such.

The DS and the DS lite are both Wi-Fi compatible. Their are some things that are only compatible to one of them such as the DS Lite the title says, it is only for the DS lite.

Before connecting online be sure to check if you already registered that Hotspot unto the Wifi Connection menu (before you choose to play the game or at the game itself)

I'm just waiting for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2....
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Posted 11/25/07 , edited 11/25/07
Ask Soraroks!! He should know! He got it! XD
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Posted 3/5/08 , edited 3/5/08
where I get all of my roms ;D
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