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Ok In This Tutorial, You Will Learn How To Make Your Text Have A Glossy Look To It. It Is Very Simple And Easy To Do. There Are Many Different Ways To Go About It. I Will Show You The Most Common One On Tutorials That Have Been Done, So Sit Back, Relax And Put In Some Good Music And Follow Along.

Step One ::
Ok This First Step Of Course Is To Open Up Gimp.
After You Have Opened Up Gimp, You Will Then Click On "File" And Then Click on "New"
As I Have Done Right Here :: [The Dimensions Of Your Text Will Very, I Just Made It So You Can Be Able To See It]

Step Two ::
Now You Should Use Whatever Font That You Want.
A Good Place To Find Awesome And Unique Fonts Are Right Here
After You Have Typed Out What You Wanted It Should Look Like This :: *Please Note :: I Just Outlined My Font, I Have Done Nothing Else To It.*

*** NOTE :: If You Have Outlined Your Text Like I Have Do Not Merge The Layers At All ***
After You Have Your Text Select The "Original" Text Layer And Right Click On It and Find "Text To Selection" Like So ::

Step Three ::
Now That You Have Your Text Selected, Go To "Select" And Hit "Shrink"
Shrink By At Least 2 pixles

Step Four ::

You Are Almost Done !!!!
Now That You Have Your Text Shrunken From The Border
The Next Thing To Do Is To Get Out Your Ellipse Tool And Click On The Intersection Part Of It::

After You Have Done This, You Are Going To Make An Ellipse That Goes Have Way Down Your Text ::

Then You Click On The Enter Key Of Your KeyBoard And You Get This ::

Now Make A New Layer, You Can Do This By Going To "Layer" And By Clicking On "New Layer" ::

Step Five :: Final Step [s] ::

On The New Layer That You Have Choosen, Select The Bucket Fill Tool And Make Sure It's On White

Now Select None And Fill In The Selection.
You Will Then Need To Play With The Opacity To Your Liking On How Strong It Is.
Mine Was Set Down To 63 or 36 [Forgot Gomen ] It Will Vary For You
After You Are Done You Should Get This ::

** Again :: I just Added Another Text "(and others)" and Just Outlined , Also Added The Copyright **
Now Delete The Background And Crop Your Picture

And There You Go!!!
Save It As A "png" File So That The Background Will Be Transparent.

Do Not Repost Without Giving Credit

Have A Nice Day <3
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Thank youu!!
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