Rules for Mods and General + Introducing Our Mods
Posted 1/12/08 , edited 12/28/08

★ No swearing
★ Be nice.. =]
★ don't post anything has do with 18+ stuff.
★ Double post & Caps is allowed.
★ Do not make the same TOPIC
★ Don't spam...
★ Don't post FAKE picture saying its you~ or its boyfriend/girlfriend or my bestfriend whatever ==
( I do hate fakers ~ so if you try to post picture and i delete it. please show prove* or proof~ lol thats its you or whatever because i can make mistake :] so i can apoligize to you) you can post picture of other people ~ but dont type like oh thats me~ and posting different picture. lol
★ Invite people ! -3-
★ Don't argue
★ Dont make pointless thread or else i'll delete
★ you guys can make thread that isnt japanese hair style ` that'll be great.

♡ add some pictures..
♡ make the forum clean
♡ be nice.
♡ find if theres same thread.
♡ Invite people to join.
♡ make sure theres no same photos.
♡ help out with the contests, threads, and people.
thats it..=]
♡ Dont ditch this group.. T^T or else i'll have to remove you.
♡ you have to be on most of the time.
♡ give tips for the members
♡ support this group :)
♡ Make sure that the photo are real ;]
♡ No need to do contest stuff for me i usually do it when im non-lazy. LOL

Thank you for following the rules.


If you have any question or problems please ask the mods! ^^

Let me Introduce your.....

please be nice to them ^_______^ or else i stab you. LOL haha anyway here ! :)

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we need yo re-update this! xD
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