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Instant Messenging! Are you on it?
Posted 9/8/11 , edited 9/8/11

TerraGamerX wrote
I'd like to point Google has become a primary chat medium for plenty people as well lately, in part due to everyone having a Google account (for example, all YouTube users; if you use it then you have a Google account). Gmail itself is often used as the chat client, full proper instant messaging right next to your inbox. Google Talk is their primary external application, but of course being Google it is integrated in many places, and has a version on all of their platforms like Android.

Also, AIM and Google users can easily chat with each other.

Yeah, Gmail is the only chat-client I still use.

In other news, DuckDuckGo is trying to run their own chat server. I haven't participated though.
Posted 9/8/11 , edited 9/8/11
Now, I am.
Posted 9/8/11 , edited 9/8/11
Posted 9/8/11 , edited 9/8/11
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Posted 9/8/11 , edited 9/9/11
Yes...but now I have to make another twitter account because I had a bad case of A.D.D and forgot my dang password. I wonder what my new username will be....I'll have to think that over...
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