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F / My own world...
Posted 2/1/11 , edited 2/1/11
There Kingdoms and Clans for every element. War has begun after one Kingdom were tired of the other. They were too different. The Clan for each Kingdom is like an army. In the Clan are Warriors and Healers. Though, the Warriors are very different in fighting style. Though, they get along (sometimes) for the sake for the Kingdom. Healers can heal with potions, herbs, or even with magic! Some are even both. Sometimes the people in the Kingdoms even pitch in to help fight. Every Clan and Kingdom have an element they specialize in. But, it's their only element. Each Kingdom/ Clan holds a special Diamond. The Diamond holds great power. It is filled with the power of its element. Legend has it if you obtain every Diamond, you will become invincible. Fortunately, the Kingdoms/Clans have allies. It depends how compatible they are. Kingdoms/Clans that are complete opposites are enemies. Though, some people are neutral. They don't care for the war. Mainly because they had friends from other Kingdoms/Clans, or just they think the war is dumb.

Shadow Kingdom/Clan

They blend in very well at night. Very, very sneaky. Strongest at night. Allies with Mist. Okay with Cloud.

Light Kingdom/Clan

They are good at blinding people. Very nice, kind people (sometimes). Allies with Sun, Fire.

Earth Kingdom/Clan

They are very stable. Very hard to knock down. Allies with Mountain.

Air Kingdom/Clan

Very light on their feet, Very fast. Allies with Cloud, Mist.

Water Kingdom/Clan

Some have go-with-the-flow attitude. Very calm. Allies with Mist, Rain, Moon, Swamp, Forest. Okay with Cloud, Air.

Fire Kingdom/Clan

Very aggressive. Wants to spread. Destruction, some are calm. Allies with Sun, Lightning, Storm.

Cloud Kingdom/Clan

Moves freely. Can sometime never be caught. Can fly/float. Aloof. Allies with Air, Mist, Sky. Okay with Shadow, Water.

Sun Kingdom/Clan

Very bright, determined. Allies with Light, Fire, Star.

Sky Kingdom/Clan

Very peaceful, can be aggressive. Can fly. Allies with Cloud, Sun, Star, Moon.
Rain Kingdom/Clan

Lightning/Thunder Kingdom/Clan

Very Quick. Full of destruction. Allies with Fire.

Snow Kingdom/Clan

Slows you down. Freezing when you touch them. Allies with Ice.

Mountain Kingdom/Clan

Stable like Earth. Very, very, very hard to knock down. Allies with Earth.

Ice Kingdom/Clan

Once stuck, very hard to get away. Freezing too like Snow. Allies with Snow.

Mist Kingdom/Clan

Makes illusions. Allies with Shadow, Air, Water, Cloud, Swamp.

Star Kingdom/Clan

Shines. Protecting. Allies with Sun, Moon.

Storm Kingdom/Clan

Quite Aggressive. Always at the center of attacks. Takes awhile to die down. Allies with Fire.

Moon Kingdom/Clan

Balanced. Can float/fly. Allies with Water, Star.

Swamp Kingdom/Clan

Blends in well. Allies with Water, Mist, Forest.

Forest Kingdom/Clan

Grand. Nature friendly. Allies with Water, Swamp.
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