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F / My own world...
Posted 2/1/11 , edited 2/1/11
1.) Please active, your position will be removed if you're inactive from 1-3 weeks. Be honest about your reason why. If it's aout school, you're off the hook. I have problems, too....

2.) No cursing/cussing. You can, but don't do if you're mad and don't cuss people out. No arguments. Try to get along. You're character can cuss, just don't mean it in real life.

3.) If uploading pictures, keep the pictures at a PG-13 level and please no (not too much, but a little is okay)bloody pictures.

4.) No God-modding.

5.) Up to 2 characters ONLY. But, since we don't want to run out of positions, you can have one limited position (King, Queen, Princess, Prince) and have one unlimited position (Guard, Knight, Warrior, Healer, Both (Warrior and Healer)). Or you can have 2 unlimited positions.
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