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Long Anime will Cont
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Posted 2/4/11 , edited 2/5/11
Naruto should end soon. Ever since Shippuden started it got really lame.. =3=
Bleach changed a little since the Arrancar arc,but I see that Kubo is pacing back with the new arc. And he mentioned that Bleach might go on for another 10 years. If Bleach ended once Aizen was gone,I don't think I'll be satisfied. I didn't really enjoy the Arrancar arc to the first two arcs,it went on for like forever.
One Piece.. I have nothing to say. I have not watched or read it yet.

For fillers. They need to stop. I enjoy the ones for Bleach,though. They crack me up badly. But I think it's a real waste of episodes and they should have continued with the real story (Unless Kubo starts trolling on us again for the Manga). For Naruto.. Meh,it's lame.
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