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Story of Vampire knight Eternity

The population of purebloods are starting to increase and so are the other kinds of vampires. Due to this problem, the Vampire Hunters Association, which is led by Kiryuu Zero, are having a complicated time how to discipline the vampires from their rage. Then, he remembered his sorta-like-adoptive-father, Kaien Cross, who just retired from being a head master.

Sayori Wakaba continued his work as headmistress. Zero and Sayori talked about the situation and so Sayori decided to establish the Night Class again, so that nobles and purebloods will be able to cooperate.

Adult Characters
(in positions order)

Wakaba, Sayori- :She was the ex-girlfriend of Aido and the current wife of Kaito Takiyama. she is shigeru's mother and Mio and Haruka's aunt. She continued the work of Kaien Cross. She was the one who reestablished the night Class.

Nadashiko Shindo- :She is Sayori's classmate in Cross before. She also knows about vampires. She was the one who had a crush on zero Kiryuu. Her status in Cross is a P.E teacher. Shindo changed after she graduated, she gave up her geeky glasses and wore contacts.

Suzumiya, Shimizu - :She is an ordinary human teacher of both night Class and Day class, she was trained by her brother-in-law about being a Vampire hunter. She is devoted to work inspired by her adoptive Daughter Haruka. She was bitten by a vampire once but not a pureblood. She was sometimes being used by her own sister to protect the academy.She is trapped in a body of a child. She is Sayori's sister

Shoutou, Akasha- :She was converted into a human and lived with her father Isaya Shouto when she was only 3. As time changes, she was relocated to Kaien Cross and she lived with him and forgot about vampires due to an accident. She was relocated again in Cross academy as Hot chemistry teacher.

Yui Akiyama- :She is Sayori's sister and Mio's mother.She came to Cross Academy to be an art teacher..

Day Class Characters
(in alphabetical order)

Akiyama Mio
- :She was sent to Cross Academy by the request of her aunt Sayori Wakaba..
Aono Kou- :Kou was studing for a second year in the academy.One night when Azusa losed control she bit him and made him a level D vampire.She didn't know what to do so she asked Nana for help.The two of them tried to hide his true self from the headmaster.It was successful and he is still studying in the day class.He is in love with Azusa.

Asayo Hotaru- :Her parents sent her to Cross Academy to change her perspective in career options. She is happy about going to Cross because of the freedom. She knew the Shin family when she was little but then they moved away.

Cross Amelia- :Amelia remember seeing her Mother for a few seconds before she died, and her Father seeming really sad. Nodding to herself, she made sure to make her Father proud and be the wonderful perfect of Saphire Mace.

Hoshina Hikari - : Hikari is a child from a rich family, her father is the one talking over things with the vampires. Hikari is really scraed of vampires because when she was little she was taken by the vampirse because of her father. She dosen´t like the vampires and is really scared of them like i said... She can sense when a vampire is near her and she can´t move when that feeling hit her.

Kai Yoshirou - : Yoshirou was raised by his parents, both of which are hunters. Yoshirou however had a bad experience as a child with Vampires, so he doesn’t want to be a hunter despite his parents urging him. He was abducted when he was seven when he was heading home on his own; it was revenge for a vampire who had been killed by his parents. The boy had been scared but also he had sat and listened to the vampire’s story. He didn’t want to be a parent like his own and make his own child ever feel scared because of something he had done; he pitied the vampire as much as he feared it. After a couple of days the vampire walked the boy home after for whatever reason the vampire had grown attached to the boy, as he had been pretty nice to the vampire. His parents pushed him into going to Cross Academy and applied for him to be a Prefect as a way of encouraging him to go back to wanting to be a hunter..

Kiryuu, Nana - : Nana is Zero's daugher.Her mother was killed by vampires and her father took care of her.She grew up in the Hunters Association and became a hunter.She went to study in the academy and became one of the guardians of the academy.She carries the Bloody Rose. She hate's vampires but after she meets Azusa she starts thinking that not all vampire's are evil.

Kurohana, Tsubaki- :Birthname is Camelia Charlotte Elizabeth Anzu Blacflower. / Tsubaki Kurohana (Cameria Charloto Erisabeto Ans Kurohana ). Camelia is a daughter of a human and a pureblood (unknown). She has a different aging system because her mother was never to a vampire. She smiles a lot and loves flowers like her mother did. She entered Cross Academy because she wants to bond with humans.

Shin, Hideki- :Both of his parents were vampire hunters and he became on himself. He is skilled at many different kinds of weapons. He has an opinion of vampires similar to Zero, he thinks vampires are just beasts in human form. He is very serious when it comes to his missions. He has become a top rated hunter even though he is only 17. His parents think that his hatred for vampires has gone out of control. They sent him to Cross and would not allow him to become a prefect and took any sort of hunting materials from him but he still managed to sneak in a small knife which he carries with him at all times. He and his brother know Hotaru from when they were younger.

Shin, Naoki - :Like his older brother he is a vampire hunter but he is not as serious as his brother. A year ago he was attacked by a pureblood vampire and he himself became a vampire. No one knows that he is a vampire. He has a bracelet to keep him in control which he collected from a different vampire. His body accepts blood tablets; he takes them in secret away from everyone else. If and when his brother finds out that he is a vampire, he plans on killing himself. He was sent to Cross Academy along with his brother. He and his brother know Hotaru.

Stein, Mitsuru - :He is a graduating student in Cross academy. He is devoted to work and to Class. He is the Rival Of the SC President of the Day class and a known admirer for Yuuka but many night class doe snot know of it.. He hates the Night Class and disrespects them.

Suzumiya, Haruka - :She was sent to Cross by the request of her aunt Sayori Wakaba..

Wakaba, Shigeru - :He is a Aristocrat Vampire/human. He is considered as a hunter but he is not a prefect. Due to His adoptive Father's work as a hunter, he was forced to stay in the academy with his mother, Sayori. When he was 3 years old, he hungered for blood with out any reason, that's when Sayori gave a lie to Kazuki that his mother had some small vampire blood. Kazuki accepted it. As he grew older, he remains in the Day class together with his cousin, Haruka. He sometimes bit haruka whenever she sleeps during night time in the dorm.
He is not a prefect but he is a guardian towards the night class. Until now he has no idea who hie real father is and he has a half sister.

Yagari Aine- :Aine is Yagari Toga's daughter and she was sent to Cross Academy by said father to learn more about communication between vampire and humans. She hated Vampires for a long time, because her mother was killed by a vampire. Even though it was through a level E vampire, she still resented vampires. However, the day she meet Ichijo Ishtar, she changed her opinion a bit. At first she thought she was like any other vampire and launch at her with the intend to kill. However, she learnt that vampires can be different among themselves like humans and she even befriended Itziar, even though it's a rather odd friendship...
She is often caught sneaking around the Night Class dorms even though it's not allowed.

Yin- :She is the Vice president of the Day class

Night Class Characters
(in Vampire Kinds order)


Kuran Yuuka : After my parents were killed by the Shoutou Family, she was saved by Zero Kiryuu A vampire hunter, I was only 3 years old then. He took care of me, after a year i was found by the other pureblood families and told me the truth about me being the last Kuran. Zero once told me that i have the same history as my mother, yuuki. I was called by Sayori Wakaba to start off another night class. So i invited every noble family to enroll in Cross Academy. I am Also Dorm Leader. (Immeasurable)

Kuran Daisuke :After my parents were killed by the Shoutou Family, he was separated from his two siblings, Yuuka and his younger brother. Daisuke acted at the Vampires as their king. As a king he was weak and couldn't find any way of finding his siblings. Until, he found a clue where Yuuka was found. He enrolls to the Academy together with Yuuka, but he barely is seen because he leaves for meetings. . (Immeasurable)

Kuran Kyouya :Middle child of the Kuran family. His parents are dead and can only rely on his siblings mostly his older brother Daisuke. Doesn't remember much about his parents, but knows he is a pureblood. Enrolls in the Night Class as he heard rumours of his siblings might be there. (Immeasurable)

Touma, Taichi :she doesnt talk much so no one really knows.. (Black Fire.)

Hiou, Azusa :When she was a baby her family was killed by vampire hunters.A family of vampires took care of her.After many years she went to Cross Academy to study.She soon became friends with Nana which was strange because the one was vampire and the other was hunter and the Kiryuu family hates the Hiou family. (Plant Manipulation )

Hiou, Akira :He was a baby when vampire hunters killed his parents.His sister Azusa disappeard but he was found by some vampires from the Vampire Council.They took care of him until he grew up.He went to Cross Academy to study.He is Azusa's fiance-he is inlove with her but she hates him. (Fire)

Ouri, Ayami : Ayumi was the only hild of Ouri family that they thaught that wouldn´t make it, she was born with a weak body and she almost died when she was young, since then she started traning so she could get stronger. She likes animales and redaing books, she thinks that humans and vampires can be frinds and hates that there are fighting... (Reads minds, can heal wounds and controls Ice and water....)

Shirabuki, Rima : She is the vice president of the night Class (Music Storm (makes a music storm and everyone hates the rhythm) Angel Cradle (seems like a lullaby)

Hanadagi, Yami : Yami is the only child of the Hanadagi´s, since she was the only child she was tought how to fight since she was little, she dosen´t like the humans since the tried to hurt her many times but she´s protecetd herself the couldn´t hurt her, since she was hurt by humans( that is they tried to hurt her) she decided to get them back but in the last moment she stopped, She still has nightmare when the humans took her and tried to hurt her so you can hear her screaming in her sleep bacause of that(mind control, contrlos fire and water, healing powers)

Shoutou, Kitria : her name was Katiria but everyone called her the moon queen for she was a pure blood vampire who was kind and gentel with everyone around her....thoght if she ever needed to defend her self and others she would....Kaname kuran knew her very well sence she was born so hewas like a brother to her.....she came to cross academy to try and bond in with the day class and to study there.(.control water , healing and mind reading.)

Hiou, Alice :Throughout her life, Alice was locked up at her Mother's home that was kept secret from the Vampire Council and the Hunters that she could live a normal life. But nothing could be normal when she hold blood of her Father, Rido. Alice grew up watching her Mother come and go with a little human that she was never to touch. Ichiru Kiryu. She didnt know her Mother to have a soft spot for humans. For years Alice wondered where they were until she given a letter saying Shizuka Hiou was killed and that Ichiru was killed aswell, along with the events of her Father. Scared and nervous, Alice left to enrol the Academy, knowing to might be something for her to do.(.telekinesis and Iron User..)

Shirabuki, Chizuru :Born in one of the most influential and wealthy vampire families in all of the cold-blooded community, Chizuru was the only child of her vampire mother and father who loved pampering her very much. They sent her to Cross Academy to train and learn the ways in becoming a true vampire.
personality: Haughty and Emotionless, Chizuru thinks very highly of herself and think of humans as "filth" and "peasants". She likes being alone and criticizing the Humans in Day Class. Spoiled and quite dangerous, Chizuru has a very short temper that could take 10 minutes to cool down.(.She has the power to control your dreams and turn them effortlessly into nightmares that involve you killing yourself.)

Vincent Shoutou :Vincent Shoutou is the son of the Touma Shoutou who killed Kaname and Yuuki Kuran, though unrelated to the incident Vincent has had to suffer the mean looks, bad names, and threats. After moving to Cross Academy he began to become cold and kept to himself. Barely acknowledgement towards the swooning Day Class members. Always getting scolded by the other students of the Night Class and teachers. He seems as though he's planning something . . . ( Telekinesis, Control of fire, Dream wanderer { Ability to plant ideas into people subconsciousness without detection } )


Rheis, Alvaro :Alvaro is a lonely vampire who has no intention of harm, however, after his parents died he almost died too but in order her to live she needs a blood of a pureblood, Yuuka eventually saves him from death and he vows to protectc Yuuka from hrm(.none, hand to hand martial arts, but was given a power to erase humans memories.)

Sutcliff, Daniel :He is Alvaro's former sempai in a certain academy and he prefers to be called "Danielle" even though he is in a male body. During sometimes in the day, Daniel will be turned to Danielle because of a spell. He will turn to a girl but the time the sun sets, he will tun to a boy again. Alvaro admits he likes Danielle but never liked Daniel. He/She is the right hand of Daisuke Kuran(erase memories and hand to hand combat)

Kyouta, Ichijo :Kyouta is the nephew of Takuma who was just disowned by his own father. He entered Cross academy under teh Reuests of the Kurans. (Change the form of things.)

Konoko Migiya :was sent to a school called "Cross Academy." and then later started acting up and found out she was a vampire later she became a vampire and made a friend named "Rima" later she secretly found a boy with white hair and even though he wasn't a vampire she loved him his name was "Zero Kiryuu". She had to hide her relationship from the other vampires other wise they might kill her. And so she did. (She is good at hidng stuff and her power includes pink hearts and a red beam of light it is called "twisted spin")

Senri, Mizore :bio:Her life was perfect-she lived happily with her mother and father.One day she decided to study in the same academy as them and she went to Cross Academy. (Lighting)

Swan, Hana :A fun girl to be around and like music, book and being around friends . (unknown)

Kazuki :Lighting Wielder.

Aido, Kaede :Kaede never knew her mother she had lots...her father always cheated on girls he was shocked when he found out Kaede was his daughter and deined her...Soon he knew he was her daughter, she acted just like him and always flirted. He enrolled her into Cross Academy hoping that his old friends had kids so she had friends. She could control herself around blood but if there was alot she would quickly attack. Other then that she acts just like her father. (ice power)

Hibiki Yasu Misato : Hibiki is the slightly older Misato twin, even from when the pair were small they were always the pride of the family; his family enjoys showing them off hoping for them to be married off to a pureblood or something. Hibiki’s passion is for music, he loves singing and performing in front of others, not that you can really tell when you see him. He spent most of his life with just his sister, or at parties being introduced to more people then he could ever remember. People almost forget he and his sister aren’t purebloods, much to his annoyance. He just wants a quiet life for his sister, and to perform.( Sound Manipulation)

Sana Chika Misato :Sana is the younger Misato twin, like her brother she’s often shown off and introduced to purebloods and other aristocrat vampires, in hope one might take an interest in her. Sana dislikes parties and crowds, they make her feel worried and it’s hard for her to breath. She gets claustrophobic very easily when inside. She enjoys being outside, she is in fact one of the very rare vampires herbivores actually like. When at cross academy she can usually be found in the stables or in the gardens she takes care of the flowers after class, mostly because she can’t return back to her room right away without feeling nauseous. She enjoys listening to her brother sing to her when they’re alone she adores his singing voice. ( plant Manipulation)

Yuzuki Satomi : Yuzuki did not know her father well. He was killed by a vampire hunter when she was only 3 and a couple years later, her mother remarried. Her stepfather hates her. She spends most of her time in her room to aviod her stepfather. She would draw, read and write to cure her loneliness. She would leave her room for two reasons, blood and to play with her younger stepbrother, Takashi. Her stepfather thought that she would become a bad influence on Takashi so he sent her to Cross Academy to get rid of her. ( can trap people in horrifying illusions)

Lucas Lilta :The first thing he remembers was running down this alley with something laughing behind him. Praying to the gods he wasnt about to die, he quickly stopped dead as he came face to face with the person or thing that was chasing him. A Vampire, A bloody god damn bloodsucker.. Luke yelled out, didnt know if he should be scared or believe he was going crazy. Dropping to his knees, Luke watched as the vampire knelt down in front of him and smiled. "Follow my Idea." That was all the monster said before it sank it's fangs into Luke's neck. The floor was cold as Luke stared up at the night sky, feeling something change within him. "FInd them and you will be fine. FInd a Kuran." ( Ice and sees and control Spirit)

Ichijo Itziar :Itziar never met her mother, 'cause her late mother had died on her birth. She once asked her father about her mother, but after seeing how hurt he was while talking about her, she decided to never ask again.
The only thing she knows, is that she inherited her mother's raven hair and power.(she can control the wind and effortless cut through everything with it. )

Kain Yang :The one and only offspring of Akatsuki and Rouka

Emi Anna Kurenai :Emi has conflicting feelings towards her family, and their enemies. Emi dislikes the idea of being afflited to the Hious, although she hides it remarkably well from her family. She believes what happened to the Kiryuu's was not right and that Shizuka shouldn't have done so. She has a strong dislike for the Kurans, not Kaname and Yuuki's children in particular, however she doesn't discriminate and decided she dislikes them all at least a little. And within her own family circle of the Kurenai's she only really cares for her mother, and even then the relationship is a little strained.

Original Characters
Hunters Organization

Zero Kiryu :Father of Ai and Nana, He also took care of Yuuka when Yuuka as was lost. He is now the head of the Hunters Organization. His physicality changed a bit. He is married but his wife died when Nana and Ai re just young. When Yuuka was adopted, her wife was still alive that time. But due to vampires, she was killed/murdered. he sometimes visits Cross Academy for two reasons, one is to see her daughters and two, to talk to Sayori about reports.

Kaito Takamiya :Kaito was invited to the academy by Kaien at the insistence of Yagari under the guise of being a student teacher, however it is really because they are relying on his competence as a skilled hunter to assist the updated Hunters Association's organization. Kaito makes his own plans, he invites Yori to sneak into the party revealing to Zero that he intends to use her as bait to stir up the vampires, however he intended to protect her. That was the first time that Kaito fell in love with Yori.

Cross Kaien :After being retired, he still continues to hunt for vampires. He sometimes visit the academy for Amelia, her daughter.
Toga Yagari :he is still a hunter but sometimes he helps Yori with Cross academy as a Substitute Ethnics teacher.

Vampire Council/Senate

Aido, Hanabusa :He took over the Senate after his father was killed by Kaname Kuran. He still hasn't gave up his playboyness. He visits Cross with businesses with Sayori and for his Daughter.

Aido, Tsukiko :She is helping her brother in the Senate.

Kain, Luka :After being married to Akatsuki, she was involved in the Senate as well. She was one of those nobles who are still loyal to the Kurans.
Kain, Akatsuki :He remained his loyalness to the Kurans through taking care of Yuuka once in a while.
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Cross Academy - it is in located in a hill top near the town. It is very hard to walk up due to the long stairs. Cross Academy is protected by a boundary which is the Night Class Dorm president. The dorm president will easily know if there are vampires from outside the school.

Moonlight Dormitory - it is located right across the day class' dorms but between it is a forest and a deep lake. A gate keeper is hired so that a day class can't enter unless permitted (which is very impossible). Guardians can stay but not very long, not more than 4 hours

Sunlight Dormitory - it is also across the night class' dorms it also has its own gate keeper, the sunlight dorms is a bit smaller than the moonlight dorms. Sayori's house is near it the same as the headmaster's house.

Vampire Hunters Association - the Vampire Hunter association headquarters is located in the town itself hunters live sometimes in the association or in the town.
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