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Posted 2/4/11 , edited 2/4/11
Quote this post and ask for the ones you want ;O..

Witch Hunters:

Character Name:Ashton Van Lorrier
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Rank: B
District: West
Personality:You choose
Weapon: Twin blades
Hair: Blueish gray.
Eye color: Light blue and one gray.
Other: Can control ice and water.

Character name: Maria Lock-Heart
Gender: Female
Age: 20
District: West
Witch: No
Personality: You choose.
Weapon: Enchanted Pocket watch (lool?)
Hair color: Pinkish red.
Eye color: Amber
Other: Is an assistant, very good with the info you need.

Character name: Sora Varaharonh
Gender: Female(duuh!!)
District: West
Personality: You choose
Weapon: War Hammer
Hair color: White
Eye color: Clear blue
Supporter: Aisen
Other: Controls Wind and Ice.

Character Name: Aisen
Race: Elemental Human.
Owner: Sora Varaharonh
Age: 17
Weapon: Ice Lance or Wind Hammer.
Hair color: Clear Blue
Eye color: White/greyish
Other: Controls wind and ice.
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